Sunday, July 13, 2008

Selling On Etsy

I haven't been a member of Etsy very long at all. Yet once again I am suffering from IGS. In my first post I talked about IGS which stands for Instant Gratification Syndrome. So here I am again with the exact same issue. As I was saying... I have only been on Etsy for about three weeks now and I have been telling everybody about my store. Yet I have zero sales and zero feedback. Now I know, I know, I've only been on three weeks. It's not that I haven't sold any of my art, just not online. I want a piece sold NOW. Hence the IGS. Already I'm planning to do all my X-mas shopping on Etsy. I love Etsy! There are millions of talented people out there. I can spend hours browsing at all of the stuff people create and make by hand. As far as the artist go, they inspire me. I look at some of the Etsy stores and see how some people have sold over a thousand items. WOW is all I can say. To be able to do something you love and then other people see the beauty in it, then they take the step to purchase it is wonderful. To monopolize is great, but its even better when its from your passion.

Now I try to tell myself that since I'm on a spending freeze, no non-necessity purchases allowed. That includes canvases to paint on. The only way to fund my painting passion is with the sales from my art. I was thinking of renting a vendor booth at an area festival in September or October. I would love to be able to paint every couple of days up until the festival. However I must be realistic about these things.

You know... for the first time in my career as a hair stylist, I can actually say I would much rather paint than do hair. I still look at hair as an art form in and of itself. Its just that not every head of hair is the ideal canvas. Hehehe I crack myself up lol. Oh yeah! I almost forgot to mention. I have my first commission and yet I have drawn a complete blank as to what to do. To be honest its the client that has me all worked up and they don't even know it. You see for me I just need to know a couple of things. Which would you prefer landscape, seascape, abstract, still life, or surreal? You say one or the other, maybe even somehow all of the above. Then I go home and create. You love it and then buy it. This is where my fellow Etsyian artist input would be so helpful. Sighhhhh. Perhaps I can do what comes to my heart and if they don't love it someone else will?

Just some pics of my art the last one is actually a greeting card. is were more of my artwork is displayed and for sale.

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CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

You do very nice work! Just to let you know, it took me several weeks...which seemed like months..before I made my first sale.
Just hang in there...learn all you all you can...and you'll make sales!
I will be posting a blog, later in the week, with some tips that might help.
Good luck with your art and just keep hanging in there!

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