Monday, July 14, 2008

I don't want to go into the salon today.....

It's Monday :(
Remember that song "just another manic Monday ahhh ahhh, I wish it was a Sunday ahhh ahhh, that's my funday, I don't have to run day". I can't remember who sings it but I truly can relate to the song. Well the good thing is I'm a self employed Hair stylist. So I made Tuesday my day off! For some reason a lot of people are off on Monday and prefer that day because than they can look fabulous the rest of the week. Soooo Tuesday and Sunday I can paint and blog and hang out in the forums all day long if I want :). The only down side to that is I still have things that need to be taken care of outside of the art world. What could possibly take more precedence over Etsy.... one might wonder. Well there is the ever growing mountain of laundry and the dreadful trip to Wholefoods. Which seems to be always busy, everyone must be self employed. I hate when I'm off during the week and a store I think should empty is crowed. I don't do malls or grocery on Saturdays because of that. It's that impatient now now right now thing I keep talking about.
My house is a mess. I mean I'm no "Clean House" episode but I definitely could use some decluttering and organizing. These are pics of my cramped workspace. I have my sis and her family living with me now so my living room triples as a fam room/office/studio. On the other side of that wall is my kitchen which can at times be my studio as well.
This my sis and her fam.
Depending on how the day goes for me at the salon will determine how annoyed I'll be when I get home. But lets just say I love bed time, that's when the house is nice and quite. With the exception of my three cats that tend to get really playful at night. Oh yeah this was my space before I downsized to two levels:

I put my vintage sofa in public storage and moved the ridiculously heavy purple sleep sofa upstairs from the basement. It took us forever to get that thing up here. We didn't realize until we were exhausted that the back door was the answer to our problem with the stairs. DUHHHH. Any who... most of my furniture comes from thrift shops. I just luck up and find great pieces. Occasionally I have to refurbish but mostly good fortune. I did a venetian plaster to the wall. That took so much out of me I never bothered to do more painting around the rest of the house. Well let me check out some forums before I'm off to the salon. If I get out of there early enough I can go to the Wholefoods or MOMs today, get my kids dinner fixed, clean the kitchen, and throw a load in the washer. Then go to bed early enough to get up early and paint on a canvas I bought Saturday with the money I made from a sale (not on Etsy though). Tah tah for now.

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