Friday, July 11, 2008

The Instant Gratification Syndrome

I find myself wanting everything "I want to be wealthy now", "I want to be skinny now", "I want to be debt free now". I want alot of things to happen right now. I know I could blame it on society for being a get it fast, microwave in a instant culture. But honestly where would that get me. I know there are people my age and younger who've accomplished great things in record time. I'm 34 by the way. However to a lot of people, I'm still very young and have plenty of time to accomplish my goals. Yeah okay.....what was that movie where the Devil keeps singing "tiiiime is on my side". That's exactly what he wants us to think. I've been styling hair for 17 years now. In the beginning I wanted to become this world renowned stylist to the stars. The crazy thing is someone, somewhere else actually did it. So what is my excuse? Oooh I could say well I got married and had kids young blah blah blah. As I sit here with my thoughts I realize none of that matters now, it is what it is (the past). I hold the power to change my life. Will it happen over night? Most likely no, but today is a new day. Everyday from this moment forward I will pat myself on the back for all efforts made towards my goals (including setbacks). I have forgiven myself for poor choices I have made in the past. Also realizing that the past has taught me some very valuable lessons. I will stop speaking negative about myself and others as well. So folks... here is a web toast to New Beginnings!

These pics are of me and my kids in the car. I had just purchased my Blackberry. The flash was so bright. That day was rainy and cloudy.
Check out my websites @ and the most awesome multi-talented woman in the world created the first one for me. Thank you Mommy for believing in me.

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