Monday, February 13, 2012

Day Dreamer/ Dreams Slowly Fading a story unfolding...

I am a stickler for details, so each piece that I create comes with its own set of nuances. I will have an original idea or thought but it changes by the time the actual pieces get completed. Especially when my mood changes daily.
You see... while I'm trying to align myself with God, and dish out caliber work, the ideas just keep coming. The good thing about it is it makes for new art to be manifested but the bad thing is there will never be enough time to create them all. Which is why the "Dream Series" is and may always be an open series. Besides as of right now the Dream series tells my story. 

Day Dreamer 2011 tells the tale of a young woman who has big dreams but has spent a lot of her time with her head in the clouds. So much so that the seasons have change and time is melting away. Yet she remains hopeful that soon she will take flight like birds in the sky and soar.
Day Dreamer 

"Day Dreamer 2012" tells the same but slightly different story. Now while this young lady isn't quite as young anymore, seasons are still changing but the gears in her mind are spinning in circles and although she remains hopeful she knows time is slipping away faster and faster as she gets older.
Day Dreamer 2012 (revised edition)
30x40 mixed media

Heading off to a group show for
"Making HerStory 7: journey of creative spirits," March 1-31, 2012, the Center for Green Urbanism, Tubman-Mahan Gallery 3938 Benning RD, NE Washington, DC

"Dreams Slowly Fading" is still the same woman but now she is feeling the pressure of what her procrastination and fear have cause. She feels chaos in her life and if she doesn't act soon her dreams will die. She will just fade into the background of her beautiful nightmare stuck forever dreaming.
Dreams Slowly Fading
30x40 mixed media

Heading off to a group show for
"Making HerStory 7: journey of creative spirits," March 1-31, 2012, the Center for Green Urbanism, Tubman-Mahan Gallery 3938 Benning RD, NE Washington, DC

Until we meet again peace and blessings my beloved ones.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Here you can see where I'm going with the painting. I should be done by tonight so stay tuned tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I see some abstract in my future

I love the background of this new piece I have started... its so rich. But I have other plans for this piece. However I will keep in mind the process I did to achieve this beautiful drippy layered effect for an abstract series. I also augmented the sister piece Day Dreamer. But don't worry there will be canvas prints of the original the way it was. I'm not done with either one but there is a long ways to go on the reddish one. I'm off to sleep. Peace.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The beginning of the newest piece

Long way to go though. I love doing drippy acid wash looking backgrounds. They even make for great abstracts but this one won't be.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Life in the day off being me...

I had a really good week last week. I mean nothing overly spectacular happened but it was a good week. I spent time with my FWB. I had a good day in court on Monday afternoon. Chillaxed on Tuesday. Wednesday I was back at the salon. 

Sidebar: There is just something about putting on make up and cute clothes that makes you feel totally different when you walk around even in the house. I feel like a goddess almost. I mean don't get me wrong... I feel fine most days when I don't but its hard to feel funky when you look good period. I spend so much of my time in front of an easel and aside from the recently dubbed FWB I don't have a man and I live at home in the basement. So its easy to fall into the rut of paint splattered clothing and uncombed hair. However when the motivation hits me I try to keep rolling full steam ahead. The motivation this week and part of last week just happens to have been a clean laundry and new found old clothing I forgot I had. So I beat my face and put on some cute artsy clothes. My dress style is a hodge podge of Artsy, vintage, boho, gothic chic with a twist of ethnic. In a nut shell eclectic I suppose.

Now back to the week I had. So last week at the salon all had agreed that we were going out for one of our coworkers birthday on Thursday. We went to @Bar7DC where @WeAreBlackAlley plays every Thursday. She wanted everyone to wear her favorite color red. So since I had on purple and black (the two colors that reign supreme in my wardrobe). I had to run home and change into the one red blouse I own (which I don't feel represents my style at all but I'm a team player). I also switched to a smaller purse which functions better while dancing to the latest club banger. Needless to say we had a ball and each and every time I wonder why I don't do it more often. 

Artist Peekaso and RichAnt
RichAnt and OneLifeEntertaiment Jamil Boozer
MUA Tyra Williams, Hairstylist Jene Wright and MUA Tiffany Lindsey
Hairstylist Taprina Hester and Jene Wright and RichAnt
Weave Master LaTanya Porter and Hairstylist/ Birthday Lady Lynette Patterson
Hairstylist Taprina Hester and Jene Wright
Hairstylist Taprina Hester and Owner/Barber Chris Sherod and Hairstylist Lynette Patterson
Owner/Hairstylist Sharen Mitchell

Friday morning was here before you knew it. Although I had overslept because of the fun we had. I was determined to leave the house fully beat and in cute attire. Mission accomplished and was great. We all went had lunch together minus a few that had clients. I'm off on weekends since that's when I'm out on the art scene. Saturday was sleep in, wake up to Granny fixing breakfast, chillax while watching food network with Granny. Then about 3 I went down to watch a few make up tutorials on YouTube. I needed some new contouring tips. I took my shower, beat my face
 and hit the streets again this time Lamont Bishop Gallery 9th street NW Washington DC for artist Aniekan Udofia's solo exhibit. It was packed with all of DC's finest hipsters.
Aniekan Udofia
I do not own this photo it belongs to Blink Ofanaye (c) 2011 Mukul Ranjan

My favorite piece in the background

Well boys and girls I'm off to see what this week brings about. However I do have to complete a large 30x40 painting by next Tuesday Feb 14 for a juried art show I am already in but the curator still has a protocol to follow. So hmm might not go out, well maybe...

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