Sunday, August 30, 2009

Art and bugs oh my!

I have been so busy with paintings and work and the kids getting back off to school that I have once again neglected my blog.

Okay so aside from being scared to hang out in my art space because of flying stinging bugs ie European hornets. However my research and more research have shown me that they are pretty docile unless the nest is in danger.

Now on to my next order of business I've been shelling out some great art over the last few weeks. Here is some of what I have been working on

All are hopefully going to be displayed and for sale at the Furniture Gallery or other Art Galleries. None of these were finished when photograph.

Another thing I want to show you is these beautiful flowers I saw in Wholefoods the other day. The Sunflowers and the mixed bouquet are some that I see quite often but the velvety brainy flowers I learned are called Celosia or cockscomb.

Friday, August 14, 2009

New pieces for a furniture gallery

I have been invited to bring a few of my pieces to a home design and furniture gallery. I'm so thrilled! I have been working on some new pieces and I've modified some old ones. Going through the whole experience has given me the motivation to get out there and talk to more store owners. Be it furnitre and art or just plain art I know I need to get out and network.

Any how that being said check out out some of the newer stuff I did.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Today was a good day me and my mom went out for brunch. We ate at this really cute Italian restaurant in our neighborhood that was serving late brunch.

We both got frittatas and they were delicious and they came with Mimosa's. Unfortunately I didn't think to photograph my food before eating. But here are some great pictures of other delicious food they serve.

After seeing Julie and Julia Friday night I just can't seem to bring myself to put just any old thing in my belly ever again.

I enjoyed that movie so much that I want to see it again. It not only displayed the love she had for cooking but it displayed the love her and Paul had for one another. The movie showed me how having a passion can be good for the soul. The young lady Julie, who was inspired by Julia was working in a monotonous job when food and blogging gave her a new excitement and of course her husband was wonderful and very supportive as well.

I can't help but sigh just a little as I do have my passion as an artist. I enjoy making and selling my art, doing the youtube videos and blogging...but someone to love that loves and adores me would be quite lovely. I know relationships are work especially in a marriage. Yet I can't seem to imagine achieving my goals and having that special someone. I always picture me in my dream cafe/live-work space/studio alone with my kids and my cats until they move out on their own.

Anyway...after brunch me and my mom went back to her house and napped since we were both up entirely too late the night before. Later while she was down stairs on I was just looking around her room at all her things. Her room smells like her. I love my mom, she is my best friend. When I think about how much I enjoy her I think of how my own daughter must feel about me. It makes me understand why she likes being in my space and around my things.

Today at 9:01 am 15 years ago a little curly head, fushia lipped, long legged, baby girl was born via c-section she was my first born and the first grandbaby on both sides of the family. Happy Birthday baby girl!!!!!!!! Mommy loves you xoxoxo

1111Topsy_Turvey_Birthday_Cake_by_p.jpg Happy Birthday cake image by jbutton68

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The inspiration of a dream.....

The inspiration of a dream.....

Yesterday I went and did some motivational window shopping. I mentioned previously that I wanted a space in an urban, eclectic, artsy, up and coming neighborhood. The Art District of Hyattsville, MD is just the place for my venture. I found another storefront that I liked too but this one was my favorite.

How am I going to make it happen? Well lots of prayer and research, determination, tears, and some OPM (other peoples money) banks, investor's, and silent partners just as long as it ain't the devil. Have patients I have no choice. However I do want to come close to a time line of next year this time or sooner.

This picture here is just an example of a cool place I found on-line that is no longer open for business. Too bad it was in Texas somewhere. My color schemes of course would be more in the jewel tone family but I like the lay out. The back would be where I'd house my art studio and showcase all my artwork. Of course there would be some art displayed upfront as well. Even a small work space right by the window so passer bys could see both aspects of what it is I offer.

I'm thinking in order to go along with the spirit of claiming a new space for me to be creative and produtive doing both my talents. I am going to do a painting series of fashion and beauty. As always I'll keep you guys posted.

I also posted some more work on 1000Market today so check it out and let me know what you think.

You can just click on the pictures for more information.




Monday, August 3, 2009

What I've been up too...

Okay so along with wallowing in self pity, being wishy washy, and then finally motivated (for the moment).

I have been doing some extra stuff too. Work at the salon is mmmm okay but it could be better. So that being said....

I have had plenty of down time to paint and read and research and make my head hurt in the process with all the info out there.

I mentioned before that I opened a new on-line store over in 1000 Market. Never heard of it? Well neither had I so that is why I'm blogging about and trying to really promote my store over there.

I posted some of my larger pieces of art work and some of my new pendants and ACEO's. I will also be posting some of them in my etsy store as well. It just all takes some time. Below is some of the work I have posted. I have more to photograph and then upload and re-size and then upload to my store.

I must admit it is a work that I find utterly boring and repetitive. I'd much rather be painting and delegating this job to someone else.

Click on the pics and check out the store.




DSCN0874.JPG Like I said before I have more. I am going to go and take pics of them right after I finish this blog.

Also today I went window shopping for a studio space. In the Art district of Hyattsville, MD. I was really excited about the vacant spaces I saw. I want a space to still do hair and have a small gallery/studio. Kind of like a store front salon suite but with a studio.

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