Monday, October 31, 2011

Slowly but surely

Slowly but surely my dreams of becoming a full time artist are coming true. I am so excited about my future. I have been busy busy busy. Over the past few weeks I have been working on an ongoing job as an illustrator for a client who has an entire line of inspiration christian based products coming out.
*I love mornings and afternoons spent working from home

I have been educating myself on copyright law, rights to reproduce, intellectual property etc.etc. Its interesting learning all the ins and outs as far as my rights as the artist illustrating and creating art for someone else's use. Also learning what the cost of those different things should be have been quite a chore as well. 

This one client in particular has me illustrating the cutest bears. She has also referred me to another lady who had me design a logo for her product. My partner TheDesignerChic helped me a lot with that one. Each experience is a learning experience. I am also figuring out what about this particular biz I like and don't like. 
Like drafting up contracts and invoices and having to explain why I own my intellectual ideas even though you came to me with a concept. Blah Blah Blah 

*clip art for intellectual property 

Anyway not only have I been busy doing that and the market on Saturdays but I did the Grand opening at Studio85 art and apparel boutique. It was a very nice event. The clientele was very diverse. I sold a painting and some wearable art pendants. Oh yeah and BeeShe Alexis is sold as well. I dropped her off to her new owner over the weekend. 

click on photo to see more photos of this event
*WIP painting live at Studio85

Even with all this awesome goodness happening with the art biz. I know I still have a ways to go before I can legitimately walk away from being a hairstylist all together. Yet right now it feels as though I work to pay for a chair. A chair that each week I force myself to be inspired to stand behind. Even though my art is heavily influenced by hair, make up and beauty. I can't help but wonder how many clients and colleagues are truly genuine in their cheers for my success. I am learning that having over 500 Facebook friends, over 700 followers on Twitter, 300 on YouTube and whom ever on Google plus and the countless other social media outlets doesn't constitute to squat if  no one is visiting my store and purchasing. I'm learning that even in the face of technology I still have to do a lot of foot to ground work. The two can work hand in hand but I still have to network with real life people. Going to gallery openings and shows, doing workshops and classes right here locally, taking the freelance jobs, word of mouth, meet and greet events etc etc. Its a lot of work to keep up while parenting and still maintaining a schedule to do the jobs on my calender and going in the salon to service clients.

I am not complaining as these are first world problems for sure. I am just trying to make choices that in the long run will further my career as a full time self sufficient artist. Meaning maintaining a place of my own paying my monthly expenses at a comfortable level for me and my family.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yeah I know I'm a bad Blogger

But I have just been so darn busy! I mean between doing illustrations. Which I have to do completely by hand all the work because my PC is out of it. But yes I'm illustrating now and once you get past the bumps the work is pretty cool. But it is tedious.
Then I also have been doing some vendor events in my area. I will be doing them on Saturdays until they stop for the winter. That's my lovely assistant Josh in the background and me in the second photo

And last but not least I have been trying to get shops, boutiques, and other unique artsy small businesses to show my work. So I had an awesome interview with Studio85 a clothing and accessories boutique in Northwest DC. They will be showcasing and selling my artwork and wearable art pieces. There grand opening is October 28th. Here are some sneak peeks of the store...

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