Friday, October 31, 2008

Independence $2500, Peace of Mind priceless.

Hey everybody out there make sure you get out there and vote. Our great country is in big trouble. Our dollar is weaking and our working class is struggling. The crazy thing is the whole entire world is watching to see what America is going to do in this election of who is going to be our next president. Obviously I'm for Barack Obama.
I certainly hope people begin to spend a little money afterwards. I say this to say peace of mind is starting to sound like the better option. However at the moment I'll be interviewing roommates all of next week for a move in on December 1. Independence is still trying to hang in there however peace of mind is a big contender.
I pay alot per month for household expenses! That can pay off a laundry list of things. Wow! Its funny how when you look at the bigger picture how different it looks verses just looking at the smaller part called "right now".
I cook almost everyday me and my children are happy. We all cook together. And dance and bump booties. I paint on the weekends while me and kids sit on the big purple couch and watch movies. During the week we watch all the prime time together. House, Bones, CSI you name it. Now I always knew in the back of my mind not to plant solid roots here. But I was willing to cross that bridge at a later date if need be.
Oh well I'm just trying to allow GOD to order my steps. Perhaps peace of mind is the direction he was leading me to in the first place and I veered off path who knows....

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Peace of Mind or Independence or both...

Okay so my positive upbeat spirit is finding it harder to feel better in these crazy economic times. Especially when there isn't any sunshine.
I recently had some suggestions about how to get back on track which would require some serious humility on my part.
For some reason I am not ready to throw in the towel. Besides I still have a corner to retreat too for now. I am still in this fight for my independence until the bell rings.
Its just something about being very set in my ways and wanting to be my own Queen Bee of my own hive. Now granted I really need to start bringing my A game to this fight because my independence is truly at stake here. I come from strong, intelligent, hard working, resourceful, resilient, creative women. Who's tenacity have shaped and molded me into who I am. So its time to call on The Lord and all my female ancestral goodness and fight as if I had no where else to go!
Whether its doing hair, selling art in some form or fashion, finding a part time or maybe even a roommate on my terms. I have to keep my independence.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pretty furniture...

You know I wonder why is it that to love your cats you have to sacrifice beautiful furnishings?

I was lucky enough to find in pristine condition the prettiest shade of green, vintage, brocade, Queen Anne sofa and chair. They went so well with my whole artsy eclectic style of home furnishings. I got them at a steal too! The set only cost me $182.00 bucks from the thrift store. Now granted I did eventually want to have them reupholstered in a fuchsia velvet brocade but they were pretty enough to stay as is until then. Noticed I said "were".

Well in addition to my two children I have three fury, four legged, meowing, self licking, counter jumping, liter tracking, fur ball vomiting, furniture scratching felines. Pretty much since I've had my own place (meaning me and the kids) I have had cats. I even had a dog and three cats for about a month. Jack Russell Terrier in a two bedroom condo with three territorial cats wasn't a good idea. So now three houses later I start to feel some small resentment. Not only have I given up my dream of new furniture but I have sacrifice visits from my Mom. Someone who could come and go as much as she pleases with her own key if I didn't have cats. However do too past traumatic childhood experiences she is petrified of my fury felines.

I have Gracie which was the offspring of my first two Hollywood and Lucypearl. Then there is Smokey and Angel who I adopted after a friend of mine who's ex never came back to get them after they broke up. He was just going to let them go. I said "NO!" that is wrong and irresponsible! They aren't even fixed yet.

So anyway...I want my Mommy and my unique style! To put it bluntly my shit is raggedy!!! I have this really nice(not anymore) comfy purple sofa and over sized chair with ottoman in the family room. I got it from Jennifer Convertibles some years back before the kittens. I had what I thought was the more reasonable pet. WRONG!!!!!

Don't get me wrong I love my animals especially Smokey. She is not the prettiest of the bunch but she is the best. Angel is the color of coffee with cream in it, with chocolate brown seal points and Tiffany blue eyes. She is cool just always on the jumpy side. Gracie is slate gray with long hair and the brightest white tuxedo and paws I've ever seen. She has been with me the longest but she is moody, unfriendly, and with three clean boxes through out the house she always eliminates beside the box never inside!!! And well Smokey is just a grayish/brownish striped house tabby with a saggy belly as if she has had too many kittens and now needs a tummy tuck. However she has the best disposition maybe even a little annoying at times. She always wants to cuddle and the weirdest feeling comes over me when I pet her. I'm instantly happy and in the mood to cuddle my damn self. She curls up beside you on the bed and purrs as any happy cat would all night long. She even responds when I'm talking to her as if she understands me.

They are great but I want my Mommy to visit w/o feeling so edgy because she is afraid. I respect that big time. Although I can't relate because I'm not afraid of pets. I've been chased by my fair share of big dogs in my childhood. Back when dogs stayed outside in the backyard and got loose while there owners were at work and neighborhood kids taunted them until the dogs got sick of it and became clever. I even ran from one Great Dane that got loose and step on my untied shoe string and dove head first shoulder second into the concrete sidewalk. Scaring my face and shoulder. The scare still remains on my shoulder to this day.

Needless to say I want it all: My Mommy My Cats and Fabulous furnishings. Just without having to lock them away when she is over for a short visit or to have the guts of my sofa oozing out from being clawed to death by cats who have more than enough things made for them that were overpriced to claw on!!!

To view my dream sofa & other furnishings click on

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bits and Pieces

These last two days have been so good. I know I keep talking about the little things but they really do count. Between getting my dishwasher to work to taking the day off and hanging with my mommy and getting lost on our way to Super Joanns of Columbia. To having the same art color pencils as your fav HGTV star for a whole lot less $. To eating white chicken chili and passing out on the couch with my kids. The next day was filled with good bits too. Yesterday I enjoyed a productive day at work(bits and pieces) and yes I worked on my day off because right now you do what's necessary. Afterwards my good friend Shelly called and we hung out running errands together. Then that evening Lamont takes the boys to practice.(Bits and pieces) Yay!
Bits and pieces are what get you through life in these crazy uncertain times. God has sustain me thus far even when I feel like I can't get my foot on solid ground...I keep my feet grounded in him and through him I know these times will pass.

However my dear web friends please understand the importance of relishing the bits and pieces. Even if it is something as corny as the dishwasher working.
To lift up your spirits try it. Then say thank you out loud when you stumble upon a bit and piece. Give them a special name or just call them what they are blessings. Either way collect as many through out the day as you can. This way you don't concentrate so hard on what you don't have.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

When nature calls

It seems as if every time my tummy hurts its never at a time when I have nothing to do. Monday night it was right before the end of CSI. I have no cable so there was no rewinding live TV. Anyway that lasted until after midnight. Then there is the place where I always seem to get sick. My job...after having a banana and apple for breakfast. Not to mention all week eating veggies and power walking. I had to have what they (my co-workers) were having. I know I was doing so good. Well I ordered a chicken cheese steak with mayo, ketchup, fried onions and french fries. Plus a strong coke to wash it all down.
This is at umm about noonish. My sons football game starts at 2. I'm done at 1:30 and was talking to my client and then the next thing you know we are both walking from the front of the salon to the back. I let her go first because I knew I would be awhile. However I didn't know it would be that much later. Here it is 4:15 and I have been to my bathroom at home and now here at my Granny's house. I mean my goodness when will it end?!

Grease is the enemy people. Fried food will set you up.
I will definitely be back on track after this.

Anyway I my birthday was a very chilled out day. Next year I'm going to do something spectacular! I guess I'm scared of being disappointed so I make no big deal but that feast is going to happen. Maybe before then if the budget allows for it.

I saw The Secret Life of Bees and they all did such a wonderful job complementing the book. It was a beautiful place to be during a ugly time.
I want to make a place like that to go to when I want to get away from the noise and ugliness that life can sometimes be. Although I'm thankful not to have endured such harsh and outright hate fullness as black people did in those times.
Its subtle racism now which in my opinion can be even more dangerous.

On a lighter note my son won his game and its now 4:25 and yes I'm feeling lighter as I blog on my Blackberry in the powder room at my Granny's. My legs are falling asleep. TTFN

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's my birthday

I am the big 35 and it sure would be nice if you felt some type of amazing tingle or some type of euphoric feeling when you get to turn a year older. But either way I am so blessed!!!
Today I woke up at around 6:15am and hit the snooze button only once this time. My kids came and wished me a happy birthday, then I decided to call April so we could go for our morning walk that we've been doing since Sunday. Gwen wasn't coming today so knew it had to be us to keep each other motivated. Do you know when I called her she wasn't going to go. She had laid back down. I started to lay back down too especially since she wasn't coming and its still dark when we leave out in the mornings. Something in me said get up and be the responsible one! God has given you another year and your weight has been affecting your life so get up and do something about it! So I got up and called her back and said April get your ass up. LOL she said if you be around here in front of my house I'll go. It's so funny because I could hear her Husband in the back round telling her to go when I called the first time. I laugh because we all need that extra push sometimes. However I notice slowly but surely when I do what needs to done it makes me consistent like that through out my day.

I have nothing special planned for today except I once and for all want to see everything put in its place. No more cardboard boxes. I am ready to start fooling around with Art again. I think I have a masterpiece brewing inside me. Its for a big canvas though so maybe somebody will get me a gift certificate....or not. I am going to get a few of the smaller cheaper canvases though as a gift to me and fix me self one of my favorite meals but one of the healthier versions.

Well I am about to embark on this 15Th day of October in the year of 2008 and see what small blessings the day brings me. I will most definitely blog about it later. Right now I'm on my way to my mommy's house. She is cooking me some mother's love type food for breakfast. TaTa for now.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

MY birthday is coming.....

Its so funny how now that my B-day is just one day away, I'm not so excited.
I actually come to expect nothing and more nothing. Last year I spent the day at the DMV and someone hit my car that I still one year later haven't had it fixed. Se' La Vi'(that's life). I hope that's how you spell it.
My weekend was pretty good. I made some money to get some pressing things taken care of.
I walked 5miles and then went to church then came to work. Monday I over slept but still it was a productive day. I got my walking in by walking to work. The weather here has been beautiful.
I can't wait to feel a difference in my clothes! Not to mention my energy level.

•black snake skin print Uggs
•purple crochet Uggs
•new laptop
•paint supplies and lots of. them
•for someone to miraculously erase all my bad debt
•to have my entire house painted as is an artist lived there
•to have cool artsy furniture
•to have my cats declawed
•to have a landscaper do my yard for free exactly they way I want(nothing too fancy

And last but not least
•an outside dinner with all my family and friends. Colorful plates, sangrias, a fire pit, lanterns and a big long table to so we all could sit together and feast.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm so happy to have internet again!

I don't know how long this will last but I'm so happy to have Internet. At first I was sitting here lonely and bored in my new house. With a tight budget there has been no extra money for cable or Internet. So I say hmmm maybe the Internet gods will be shining down on me. So I unpacked the laptop and searched for a wireless network and low and behold the Internet gods have given me favor.
Okay so I probably won't be doing any purchasing or banking but hey all the blogging in the world from a real PC instead of my BB is a small pleasure. Like I said prior blog "its the small blessings that you have too relish". Now don't get me wrong I love my BB its the best PDA smart phone investment I could've ever made.

Any who... so your probably wondering "When is The RichAnt going to post a painting" Where is her lover Art. Now now my friends Art is here but he is allowing me to spend a little quality time with Chef. You see with all the weeks of packing and moving there was no time, dishes, or energy to eat a home cooked meals. So the first person I had to turn to was Chef and boy has he taken excellent care of me. Umm I mean one night he had my toes curling it was so good. We have been getting it on first thing in the morning too. He was so good one night I had to run out and get me some while I was on my lunch break the next day.
Oh yeah I almost forgot to tell you! Me and Mr. Walker hooked up for the first time the other day and boy did he wear me out! We got it on before work and after. Shoot the after session had my poor legs on fire! The man is a beast. I had to take it easy my heart was racing and it was so hot. You see Art and Chef like to take it nice and slow they feel as though certain things you just can't rush. Hmp Mr. Walker feels differently, he likes too make sure when its all said and done you pass out once your head hits the pillow.

Okay folks I know Tomorrow is Sunday but after church and work I think I'm going to give all three of them a call Art, Chef and Mr. Walker. Not necessarily in that order but who cares.
I know I know you guys are thinking I'm a hypocrite for going to church and seeing these men but hey folks I never said I was a saint. I know I'm a sinner but I try to put my good foot down and that makes my soul a winner as the Jill Scott would say. So don't be judgemental, be jealous or even better be happy for me. Then go out and get your own or make up one and start a blog about. Tah tah for now. I have some long overdue web browsing to do.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Not quite nostalgia but definitely regrets

You know this was suppose to be a blog about life in the day of an Artist. Well I'm an artist and this is my life. However I don't think this was exactly what I intended. I was thinking something a bit more poetic. Deep sigh and now a big pause.....Okay so it is what it is now moving on. Before I had to interrupt the flow of my mojo. I was falling in love again. Yet still missing that love of a real mans touch. So I called my ex we chatted for a few days and then we hung out. It was a great evening. Except I still am hopelessly in love with him.
We will call him Eeyore. You know like the sad donkey on Winnie The Pooh. Well Eeyore is a dark, depressing, elusive and very seldom a positive man that I met two and a half years ago on match. com. And in that time of knowing him I've put myself way down low on the list of people to love. I loved him more than myself. That my friends is where the regrets come in. If you don't love your self right, how can you expect anyone else too.

It hurts to write this but in a good way. Because I know now. Hell I knew then.He was too hard to get in touch with and sooo many other things that sent red flashing lights to RUN.
Yet I just simply ignored them because he talked all the things that I wanted to hear.
Hindsight is a B@*#O% ! But hey what can you do except learn.
The nostalgia I guess is what attracted me to this man in the first place. He is handsome, smooth clear dark skin. Big sad eyes. Fresh clean haircut and thick curly hair. He always dressed nice when he wasn't in his work uniform. Oh and he smelled so good. Not to mention he was an active member of the church.
I find myself thinking back to when we were new because that was the best time of our relationship. But even then there were things that were not right or that didn't make a bit of sense. But I didn't want to nag.
All I ever wanted was to be the best woman he ever had.
The thing about that is what was he to me. I am a good woman and I deserve the very same love I was giving given to me.
It just took so much pain, time, energy, money,and lack of self worth to realize all of what I know now.
Oh but don't get me wrong old habits die hard. Especially my habit of wanting him. But I do have some new lovers to help me keep my mind off him. Mmm let me give one of them a call.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Okay friends I am finally all moved out and moved in. There is a serious sense of peace and calm all of a sudden. Instantly just like that there is a peace that has come over me. Along with the seriousness of knowing I can do this with discipline and a very restricted budget.
But seriously people these last few weeks have been stress filled! However through it all God has been sustaining me! He has sent angels to watch and look out for me. I know he works through people. I also know people have been praying for me and that alone is a blessing. He has truly ordered my steps.
Now on to the next place in my journey.


Mommy you ROCK!!

Thanks Kiya you have been a wonderful help with the paperwork and football practice.

Baby Daddy you alright when you not being a butt head. Thank you for helping me move.

My biggest inspiration are my two sweetikins you guys really helped me a lot! Mommy loves you so very much.

Thanks Shaylah,Tristen Lisa,Ayanna,Dwayne,and Jaden you guys totally help me crush the move in time.

Thanks friends and fans for journeying with me. Don't get off just yet the party has only just begun!!
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