Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm so happy to have internet again!

I don't know how long this will last but I'm so happy to have Internet. At first I was sitting here lonely and bored in my new house. With a tight budget there has been no extra money for cable or Internet. So I say hmmm maybe the Internet gods will be shining down on me. So I unpacked the laptop and searched for a wireless network and low and behold the Internet gods have given me favor.
Okay so I probably won't be doing any purchasing or banking but hey all the blogging in the world from a real PC instead of my BB is a small pleasure. Like I said prior blog "its the small blessings that you have too relish". Now don't get me wrong I love my BB its the best PDA smart phone investment I could've ever made.

Any who... so your probably wondering "When is The RichAnt going to post a painting" Where is her lover Art. Now now my friends Art is here but he is allowing me to spend a little quality time with Chef. You see with all the weeks of packing and moving there was no time, dishes, or energy to eat a home cooked meals. So the first person I had to turn to was Chef and boy has he taken excellent care of me. Umm I mean one night he had my toes curling it was so good. We have been getting it on first thing in the morning too. He was so good one night I had to run out and get me some while I was on my lunch break the next day.
Oh yeah I almost forgot to tell you! Me and Mr. Walker hooked up for the first time the other day and boy did he wear me out! We got it on before work and after. Shoot the after session had my poor legs on fire! The man is a beast. I had to take it easy my heart was racing and it was so hot. You see Art and Chef like to take it nice and slow they feel as though certain things you just can't rush. Hmp Mr. Walker feels differently, he likes too make sure when its all said and done you pass out once your head hits the pillow.

Okay folks I know Tomorrow is Sunday but after church and work I think I'm going to give all three of them a call Art, Chef and Mr. Walker. Not necessarily in that order but who cares.
I know I know you guys are thinking I'm a hypocrite for going to church and seeing these men but hey folks I never said I was a saint. I know I'm a sinner but I try to put my good foot down and that makes my soul a winner as the Jill Scott would say. So don't be judgemental, be jealous or even better be happy for me. Then go out and get your own or make up one and start a blog about. Tah tah for now. I have some long overdue web browsing to do.

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