Friday, October 31, 2008

Independence $2500, Peace of Mind priceless.

Hey everybody out there make sure you get out there and vote. Our great country is in big trouble. Our dollar is weaking and our working class is struggling. The crazy thing is the whole entire world is watching to see what America is going to do in this election of who is going to be our next president. Obviously I'm for Barack Obama.
I certainly hope people begin to spend a little money afterwards. I say this to say peace of mind is starting to sound like the better option. However at the moment I'll be interviewing roommates all of next week for a move in on December 1. Independence is still trying to hang in there however peace of mind is a big contender.
I pay alot per month for household expenses! That can pay off a laundry list of things. Wow! Its funny how when you look at the bigger picture how different it looks verses just looking at the smaller part called "right now".
I cook almost everyday me and my children are happy. We all cook together. And dance and bump booties. I paint on the weekends while me and kids sit on the big purple couch and watch movies. During the week we watch all the prime time together. House, Bones, CSI you name it. Now I always knew in the back of my mind not to plant solid roots here. But I was willing to cross that bridge at a later date if need be.
Oh well I'm just trying to allow GOD to order my steps. Perhaps peace of mind is the direction he was leading me to in the first place and I veered off path who knows....

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