Tuesday, October 14, 2008

MY birthday is coming.....

Its so funny how now that my B-day is just one day away, I'm not so excited.
I actually come to expect nothing and more nothing. Last year I spent the day at the DMV and someone hit my car that I still one year later haven't had it fixed. Se' La Vi'(that's life). I hope that's how you spell it.
My weekend was pretty good. I made some money to get some pressing things taken care of.
I walked 5miles and then went to church then came to work. Monday I over slept but still it was a productive day. I got my walking in by walking to work. The weather here has been beautiful.
I can't wait to feel a difference in my clothes! Not to mention my energy level.

•black snake skin print Uggs
•purple crochet Uggs
•new laptop
•paint supplies and lots of. them
•for someone to miraculously erase all my bad debt
•to have my entire house painted as is an artist lived there
•to have cool artsy furniture
•to have my cats declawed
•to have a landscaper do my yard for free exactly they way I want(nothing too fancy

And last but not least
•an outside dinner with all my family and friends. Colorful plates, sangrias, a fire pit, lanterns and a big long table to so we all could sit together and feast.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

u don't want much huh?

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