Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's my birthday

I am the big 35 and it sure would be nice if you felt some type of amazing tingle or some type of euphoric feeling when you get to turn a year older. But either way I am so blessed!!!
Today I woke up at around 6:15am and hit the snooze button only once this time. My kids came and wished me a happy birthday, then I decided to call April so we could go for our morning walk that we've been doing since Sunday. Gwen wasn't coming today so knew it had to be us to keep each other motivated. Do you know when I called her she wasn't going to go. She had laid back down. I started to lay back down too especially since she wasn't coming and its still dark when we leave out in the mornings. Something in me said get up and be the responsible one! God has given you another year and your weight has been affecting your life so get up and do something about it! So I got up and called her back and said April get your ass up. LOL she said if you be around here in front of my house I'll go. It's so funny because I could hear her Husband in the back round telling her to go when I called the first time. I laugh because we all need that extra push sometimes. However I notice slowly but surely when I do what needs to done it makes me consistent like that through out my day.

I have nothing special planned for today except I once and for all want to see everything put in its place. No more cardboard boxes. I am ready to start fooling around with Art again. I think I have a masterpiece brewing inside me. Its for a big canvas though so maybe somebody will get me a gift certificate....or not. I am going to get a few of the smaller cheaper canvases though as a gift to me and fix me self one of my favorite meals but one of the healthier versions.

Well I am about to embark on this 15Th day of October in the year of 2008 and see what small blessings the day brings me. I will most definitely blog about it later. Right now I'm on my way to my mommy's house. She is cooking me some mother's love type food for breakfast. TaTa for now.


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Ash said...

belated happy bday!
btw, ur bday was exactly a week after mine :)

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