Monday, October 27, 2008

Pretty furniture...

You know I wonder why is it that to love your cats you have to sacrifice beautiful furnishings?

I was lucky enough to find in pristine condition the prettiest shade of green, vintage, brocade, Queen Anne sofa and chair. They went so well with my whole artsy eclectic style of home furnishings. I got them at a steal too! The set only cost me $182.00 bucks from the thrift store. Now granted I did eventually want to have them reupholstered in a fuchsia velvet brocade but they were pretty enough to stay as is until then. Noticed I said "were".

Well in addition to my two children I have three fury, four legged, meowing, self licking, counter jumping, liter tracking, fur ball vomiting, furniture scratching felines. Pretty much since I've had my own place (meaning me and the kids) I have had cats. I even had a dog and three cats for about a month. Jack Russell Terrier in a two bedroom condo with three territorial cats wasn't a good idea. So now three houses later I start to feel some small resentment. Not only have I given up my dream of new furniture but I have sacrifice visits from my Mom. Someone who could come and go as much as she pleases with her own key if I didn't have cats. However do too past traumatic childhood experiences she is petrified of my fury felines.

I have Gracie which was the offspring of my first two Hollywood and Lucypearl. Then there is Smokey and Angel who I adopted after a friend of mine who's ex never came back to get them after they broke up. He was just going to let them go. I said "NO!" that is wrong and irresponsible! They aren't even fixed yet.

So anyway...I want my Mommy and my unique style! To put it bluntly my shit is raggedy!!! I have this really nice(not anymore) comfy purple sofa and over sized chair with ottoman in the family room. I got it from Jennifer Convertibles some years back before the kittens. I had what I thought was the more reasonable pet. WRONG!!!!!

Don't get me wrong I love my animals especially Smokey. She is not the prettiest of the bunch but she is the best. Angel is the color of coffee with cream in it, with chocolate brown seal points and Tiffany blue eyes. She is cool just always on the jumpy side. Gracie is slate gray with long hair and the brightest white tuxedo and paws I've ever seen. She has been with me the longest but she is moody, unfriendly, and with three clean boxes through out the house she always eliminates beside the box never inside!!! And well Smokey is just a grayish/brownish striped house tabby with a saggy belly as if she has had too many kittens and now needs a tummy tuck. However she has the best disposition maybe even a little annoying at times. She always wants to cuddle and the weirdest feeling comes over me when I pet her. I'm instantly happy and in the mood to cuddle my damn self. She curls up beside you on the bed and purrs as any happy cat would all night long. She even responds when I'm talking to her as if she understands me.

They are great but I want my Mommy to visit w/o feeling so edgy because she is afraid. I respect that big time. Although I can't relate because I'm not afraid of pets. I've been chased by my fair share of big dogs in my childhood. Back when dogs stayed outside in the backyard and got loose while there owners were at work and neighborhood kids taunted them until the dogs got sick of it and became clever. I even ran from one Great Dane that got loose and step on my untied shoe string and dove head first shoulder second into the concrete sidewalk. Scaring my face and shoulder. The scare still remains on my shoulder to this day.

Needless to say I want it all: My Mommy My Cats and Fabulous furnishings. Just without having to lock them away when she is over for a short visit or to have the guts of my sofa oozing out from being clawed to death by cats who have more than enough things made for them that were overpriced to claw on!!!

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Anonymous said...

to bad your mom is so afraid of cats she seems like a lovely woman...

Anonymous said...

shit hell wit mom love you cats I hate cats sneaky bastards and your mom doesn't sound like a lovely lady and she sounds like an evil old hag who probably had cats in her former life as a witch.

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