Thursday, October 30, 2008

Peace of Mind or Independence or both...

Okay so my positive upbeat spirit is finding it harder to feel better in these crazy economic times. Especially when there isn't any sunshine.
I recently had some suggestions about how to get back on track which would require some serious humility on my part.
For some reason I am not ready to throw in the towel. Besides I still have a corner to retreat too for now. I am still in this fight for my independence until the bell rings.
Its just something about being very set in my ways and wanting to be my own Queen Bee of my own hive. Now granted I really need to start bringing my A game to this fight because my independence is truly at stake here. I come from strong, intelligent, hard working, resourceful, resilient, creative women. Who's tenacity have shaped and molded me into who I am. So its time to call on The Lord and all my female ancestral goodness and fight as if I had no where else to go!
Whether its doing hair, selling art in some form or fashion, finding a part time or maybe even a roommate on my terms. I have to keep my independence.

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