Saturday, October 18, 2008

When nature calls

It seems as if every time my tummy hurts its never at a time when I have nothing to do. Monday night it was right before the end of CSI. I have no cable so there was no rewinding live TV. Anyway that lasted until after midnight. Then there is the place where I always seem to get sick. My job...after having a banana and apple for breakfast. Not to mention all week eating veggies and power walking. I had to have what they (my co-workers) were having. I know I was doing so good. Well I ordered a chicken cheese steak with mayo, ketchup, fried onions and french fries. Plus a strong coke to wash it all down.
This is at umm about noonish. My sons football game starts at 2. I'm done at 1:30 and was talking to my client and then the next thing you know we are both walking from the front of the salon to the back. I let her go first because I knew I would be awhile. However I didn't know it would be that much later. Here it is 4:15 and I have been to my bathroom at home and now here at my Granny's house. I mean my goodness when will it end?!

Grease is the enemy people. Fried food will set you up.
I will definitely be back on track after this.

Anyway I my birthday was a very chilled out day. Next year I'm going to do something spectacular! I guess I'm scared of being disappointed so I make no big deal but that feast is going to happen. Maybe before then if the budget allows for it.

I saw The Secret Life of Bees and they all did such a wonderful job complementing the book. It was a beautiful place to be during a ugly time.
I want to make a place like that to go to when I want to get away from the noise and ugliness that life can sometimes be. Although I'm thankful not to have endured such harsh and outright hate fullness as black people did in those times.
Its subtle racism now which in my opinion can be even more dangerous.

On a lighter note my son won his game and its now 4:25 and yes I'm feeling lighter as I blog on my Blackberry in the powder room at my Granny's. My legs are falling asleep. TTFN

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