Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bits and Pieces

These last two days have been so good. I know I keep talking about the little things but they really do count. Between getting my dishwasher to work to taking the day off and hanging with my mommy and getting lost on our way to Super Joanns of Columbia. To having the same art color pencils as your fav HGTV star for a whole lot less $. To eating white chicken chili and passing out on the couch with my kids. The next day was filled with good bits too. Yesterday I enjoyed a productive day at work(bits and pieces) and yes I worked on my day off because right now you do what's necessary. Afterwards my good friend Shelly called and we hung out running errands together. Then that evening Lamont takes the boys to practice.(Bits and pieces) Yay!
Bits and pieces are what get you through life in these crazy uncertain times. God has sustain me thus far even when I feel like I can't get my foot on solid ground...I keep my feet grounded in him and through him I know these times will pass.

However my dear web friends please understand the importance of relishing the bits and pieces. Even if it is something as corny as the dishwasher working.
To lift up your spirits try it. Then say thank you out loud when you stumble upon a bit and piece. Give them a special name or just call them what they are blessings. Either way collect as many through out the day as you can. This way you don't concentrate so hard on what you don't have.

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