Monday, August 23, 2010

Bitter Sweet sound of sold

On Friday I sold one of my original paintings and as happy as I was to sell it I still was sad. For one its was like the fourth person to email me about the piece with a low ball offer. I took plenty of pics of the piece so you could see the details, layers and textures that were involved in creating this piece. As always its even better in person. However I need money and not now but right now. Yes I know, I know I could just goto work at the salon and make what I need. But I have many reasons for not wanting to do that. Besides I should be able to make it what I need Wed-Sat. It would allow me to hold on to my art until the right offer came in. In a perfect world... Don't get me wrong I do want to charge what I feel my work is worth. Especially since my work is very affordable for now. The second reason its a bitter sweet is because I had grown very attached to it. I even wanted it to goto someone whom I knew so I could see it and visit it if I wanted too lol. However I am happy that it is hanging up in someones living room and not sitting in the garage.

 Also last week I painted live at a new venue with an older more established crowd. Its was called HalfNote lounge. I painted while The SecretSocietyBand played. My painting was sold long before I even got to complete it. That was a first and I loved it. I'll be painting with them on a regular basis now.

Yesterday I did the afternoon portion with The BreakfastKlub see  past blog for details. However I had to make a mad dash across town to paint live for Brandon Camphor and Oneway at TheEncounter which I do every forth Sunday out of the month. 

The evening set with Black Alley I had to miss unfortunately. However the painting I didn't finish last week got auction off and sold for a cool amount. I'm so glad I decided to finish it.

I have nothing scheduled the rest of this week until Saturday thats when I do Expression Live they are giving me a table since I am painting live for them. So tonight and tomorrow will be spent trying to focus on creating paper art, glass pendants, small canvas art and literature to sell during the event. Then on Sunday I'll be getting it in once again with BlackAlley in which they will be doing a Michael Jackson tribute. I have some cool plans for that piece.

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