Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gentrification not necessarily a bad thing...

Gentrification and urban gentrification denote the socio-cultural changes in an area resulting from wealthier people buying housing property in a less prosperous community.[1] Consequent to gentrification, the average income increases and average family size decreases in the community, which may result in the informal economic eviction of the lower-income residents, because of increased rents, house prices, and property taxes. This type of population change reduces industrial land use when it is redeveloped for commerce and housing. In addition, new businesses, catering to a more affluent base of consumers, tend to move into formerly blighted areas, further increasing the appeal to more affluent migrants and decreasing the accessibility to less wealthy natives.
Gentrification not necessarily a bad thing... I mean I'm just saying I'm all for revitalizing a community that has been at one time known for low-no income housing, high crime, and the only businesses were liquor stores and carry outs. Besides our nations capitol should look better than just Penn ave and all of upper Northwest.
I just wish I had known about all this when I was buying. I have all this knowledge now and well its frustrating to think that based on my current income I couldn't possibly own even a small Alley Home in DC

Okay so I may be a bit obsessed with the District. You may be wondering why not just enjoy the city now even though you don't reside there. Well you know me I want to bike to my job(art studio of course) walk to the market and become apart of a community maybe even join a few city arts guild or container gardeners alliance lol. Then eventually own a business where patrons live down the block literally and host events for all genre's. A place where everybody knows your name and there always glad you came.
In the mean time I'm here in suburbia living back home at my Granny's with two teenage children. Not so bad 

Oh yeah and guess what I cooked!!! Yep I had a taste for something good and quick. So while in MOM's (MyOrganicMarket) I was instantly inspired. I grabbed some fresh organic spinach, some chicken thighs, goat cheese, balsamic vinegar and pre-made pumpkin stuffed ravioli. On my way home I was thinking balsamic chicken with sautéed spinach and pumpkin ravioli as a sweet yet savory side. I'll post the recipe in my next post. 
Here are some pics for a visual my cell phone pic was accidentally deleted of my beautifully plated dish but the ravioli pic I barrowed minis the pine nuts.
Mmm it was so freaking delicious too.
The crazy thing I've learned is... that the way I like to cook doesn't always mean being cheaper than eating out.

Okay enough already, I have more work to do... small art for the Expression Live
Here are a few 8x10s I'm going to add butterflies and bumble bees..

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