Thursday, August 19, 2010

I love DC

Okay so anyone who knows me knows how much I love the city. I remember recently me and a new friend of mine were discussing how if we were married how we would have to figure out a reasonable compromise because he has grown up with the "light pollution" all his life and would much rather live in the suburbs. I told him what I loved about the city and how I was over the burbs. However I wouldn't mind a quaint house that has grass out front and out back but beyond the fence was sand leading to the beach. He called me "fancy" but also said he loved it and instantly knew he was dealing with one unique chic.
~SIDEBAR~ Perhaps too unique or fancy for his current life time because I very rarely even get a measly text from him now. Which is why I thank God opportunity doesn't always present its self when you "THINK" you want it too. Hence my almost 2 year celibacy since I refuse to continue to carry on casual relationships that are neither fulfilling or even that enjoyable physically. 
Anywayz as I was saying the city is great and yes a beach house with sand and grass would be equally as pleasing. 
I just love old charm with new updated amenities my good girlfriend Monti calls it baby fabulous. The Mini Cooper parked out front or back if I'm in the city. To me not too over the top but just a little extra. Lately I have been feigning for good food. I just resort to fried stuff because its cheaper and taste good when fried fresh lol. But seriously I do prefer the good stuff. Like if I lived near Dean & Deluca  in Georgetown or even if it was a bus ride away I would so shop there at least 3 times a week for the most exquisite groceries and ingredients.

Its where I got my spice rack which is currently in storage :( 

Then I ran and got this awesome book on spices that tells you where they originated and how to use them. I remember trying so many new recipes when I first moved out from living at home with my Uncle. I think back how I used to do a whole lot more cooking than I do now. Even in my last house before I moved back here. Its was one of the things my sister looked most forward too. Then some how the love all kinda just went poof... I do cook every now and then but not with the same enthusiasm. But my heart longs for those Julia and Julie like moments. I watch Nigella Lawson on the new cooking network and long for the moments when I feel that way about cooking again. She makes it look so romantic and artful. Yes artful...

I don't necessarily have a favorite cuisine. But I have my favorites with-in several different ones. Mediterranean, Thai, Indian, Chinese, West Indian, Soul Food etc etc. I have my favs from them all. I had this client whom I befriended and she was once married and lived in Germany with her military husband. So she has lived many places and she told me that I would fit right into the European culture of "work to live" instead of the "live to work" attitude we have here in the states. Plus she said health care wouldn't be an issue for a self employed artist like myself. All I could do was imagine....

Last night I stayed up all night working on my current piece and I haven't varnished it yet but I think its finished. I'm going to hold off on the varnish and just look at it for a few days just too make sure. After all its the journey that's the best part right. But here it is

Once again I gravitated towards my love for bold, vivid colors. This would go great in a neutral room or a neon white room pulling colors from the painting for accessories. Its a large 36x36 thick gallery wrapped canvas. I don't necessarily do art specifically for furniture or room design but when creating abstracts its almost a given. Whenever I'm painting abstracts I tend to be drawn to fluid like lines and circles clustered as though they were molecules or bubbles. I have several small works that have these same lines and circles in them. 
Oh my look at the time well I gotta run!   

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