Monday, March 29, 2010

I know not everyone is spiritual or Godly but I believe in God and I give him constant praise for my many talents. I get so amazed at the ability to take something from my imagination then translating that process from my head onto the canvas. 

For me creating visual art is spiritual and its when I am at my most peaceful state. Its therapy for all that ails me when I'm down. Even if I paint something on the dark side I still find solace in the creative process. 

I would love to eventually be in the position to work as an artist full-time. Even if that never happens I am grateful for the ability to just continue to create grow and nurture my skills as an Artist in any capacity. 

Below is a plexi-glass 3-d art on canvas I just completed. I am quite satisfied on how it turned out.

Last Night I did another Live Painting. It was another great experience and its always a pleasure to see young people praising God and making the choice to serve and worship him. The theme was "Freedom" which came at a cost. Here was my interpretation. Which is also available in 13x19 print in my Etsy store. Just click on pic for more info.
Freedom for me is the ability to escape into another reality when painting. A lot of my landscapes are dreamy surreal places I would love to be kinda like heaven on earth. The blurred cross is my example of the condition the world is in now. The lines of absolute truth are slowly blowing away. Right is wrong and Wrong is now right. Which to symbolizes the price of free will. 

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smArtee said...

Wow that is amazing..I am not too aware of the 3d art on canvas...I am studying what you did...Loooks amazing..I think I can figure it out...very clever and nice..great colors...!

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