Monday, January 24, 2011

Music Monday #4

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Okay boys and girls its music time. Today's vocal artist is another multi talented performer. Not only does she dazzle you with her unique vocals she is the complete musical package -arranger, guitarist, lyricist, song-writer and vocalist.

Introducing the lovely...
Shae Fiol
Shae has the opportunity to work with some of the greatest in the business. 
Shae's style reminds me of a cross between Teena Marie and Nikka Costa. "Catch a Ride"
is my personal favorite. I had a chance to hear perform at CASRAM (can a sista rock a mic) and thats where I became a fan. Its something about hearing these artist perform live that just gives you a totally different perspective. She describes her music as "creating the type of vibe which allows one to travel inside their mind and day dream while still appreciating the eclectic mix of classical, folk, rhythm and blues, hip-hop, jazz and latin playing in the background.  Her music is personal, searching, and adventurous".
 Shae grew up in Portland, Oregon engulfed with a family of classically trained musicians. She now lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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