Monday, January 31, 2011

More sneak peeks at her

Hi guys just dropping in and showing you another sneak peek of my newest Bee/She Lady.
There is still quite a ways to go however you know me I am just enjoying the journey.
Yesterday I had to replace quite a few of my brushes. I had been wanting too... but now I had no choice. I used an old mixing jar that obviously had some leftover resin in the bottom that didn't harden. I left my brushes sitting in the water and they got all tacky and gooey. However the good news was I was able to replace them with very good brushes so win win.

Hopefully this will be my future home...

Today I also went to a hard hat tour for an Artist live/work space. It was nice to see what the spaces will eventually look like. They will have studio units, one bedrooms, and two bedrooms. The downfall is the there are only 6 two bedroom units. Its in a nice part of DC not far from the main highway that takes you into Maryland or Virginia. Its also close to a co-op grocery store and walking distance to the subway ride to downtown. It was so cool touring the place with other future neighbors that were in the arts. Dancers, musicians, play writes, vocalist, sculptors, designers and visual artist like myself. 
Even under construction I can tell the place is going to be very nice. The windows are huge 5ft tall and exposed duct work and high ceilings. They will have a dance studio/art gallery. Shared laundry facilities on the premises. Not too mention the apartments are very spacious to accommodate all types artist. There will be another meeting with property managers in the next few weeks. So I'll keep you guys posted.  
They have a government funded program that allows for affordable housing for artist.
Proposed Rents* :
Unit Size
Number of Persons Allowed Per Unit
Percentage of Area Median Income
Gross Rent
Total Tenant Paid Rent
1 person
1 Bedroom
1-2 persons
2 Bedroom
2-3 persons
*Subject to change with published allowable limits.
2010 Maximum Income Limits* :
Percentage of Area Median Income
1 Person
2 Persons
3 Persons
4 Persons

They have programs available all over the country

this most definitely gives me a goal to strive towards :)

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