Friday, November 18, 2011

She's ready fly...

I feel like I have come to a place in my career as an artist that I am finally taking flight. Even in the moments when I feel a bit uncertain there is this whimsical hopefulness. I occasionally I find myself spilling my guts out about my journey on here or in a vlog on YouTube but that's how I am. I am transparent in my real life. I have learned that its not always good to be so revealing to everybody. This work of art is a layered piece because of the layers of mixed emotions I have on this journey.
 Writing in the background: the feeling of hopelessness yet telling myself  I can do it. So I try to redirect the negative thinking into positive thinking. 
Bold color wash: The optimistic rainbow is a sign of a pay off at the end of the road.
 Butterflies: the metamorphosis of once being a caterpillar then the cocoon stage and now finally feeling like I can spread my wings and take flight. Soaring beyond the beyond. 
The transparency of her skin: The skin I'm in and allowing myself to pour out my life on canvas for others to see and dissect. 
So now she is ready. Introducing
 "She's ready for her wings"

30x40 acrylic on 3/4 edge canvas

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