Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Okay so after being inspired by the all this drawing I have been doing in my Moleskine journal, I decided to incorporate it in my art. Instead of it just being a drawing on heavy paper or whatever I mixed into my paintings. So far there will be 12 that I will group into a set of six or four. 

 So what I have here is poplar wood panels that I painted on to emphasized the wood grain and then decided from that point to use the graphite to draw the female images. This work is a tad bit different from my usual work but I think it still ties in nicely with my style or genre of lowbrow surrealism. Just not as much whimsy perhaps. I am having fun with these but then again I pretty much have fun creating all my art for the most part.
This is just different because believe it or not I do have some insecurities about my graphite drawing skills. Every thing I've learned is based off practice and reading a few books. Sometimes I nit pick so much I don't know when to stop and ruin a drawing with too many erasure marks. So what I've been doing in my Moleskine is drawing in ink ONLY. I use a basic ball point pen like Bic or Uniball. Just as long as the ink flows well but as soon as they get those ink blots or start skipping its time for a new one. Sometimes...every blue moon I use something fancy like a Sakura Micron fine or extra fine felt tip pen.

Well I have eight more to go so I am going to hop to it. Depending on how things go I will do something similar on 12x12 or 24x24. I really like working in squares as of lately. 
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