Saturday, September 27, 2008

Its raining and pouring!!

Here it is almost October in a few days. I love this time of year! I love the changing of the leaves and cable knit sweaters. I enjoy seeing people in the neighborhoods decorating their doors and porches with fall reefs and corn and pumpkins. And even though I don't celebrate halloween I do think the decorations are so neat.
I am ready to be settled I have so many ideas to paint on canvas and on walls. Art will definitely be staying over a lot. I want to move him in but then Chef would get jealous. The others just come for visits when I'm in the mood to see them. They all understand... I run this show! They know to drop everything, when I call they come running.

Its time for me to break out my warm apple cider and my famous hot chocolate. I'm at the salon right now. I have to spend some time with the hot and sexy hair stylist. That way I can get me some monies.
However its raining and pouring so Hair stylist doesn't seem to be too busy. I may have to hang out up here with him on Sunday too. I need as much as he can give me. Its amazing watching him work he is so good.

Now I don't know if I have talked about my ex-husband but one of my fellow bloggers Clevergirlgosblog talks about hers. Hehehe... You must read hers its so good. Anyway she has inspired me to blog about mines except not only is he my husband but he is "my babies Daddy". Yep my teenage daughter and pre-teen son is the only thing that ties us together. If they weren't here on the planet we would have absolutely no reason to speak.
Now unlike Clevergirl there is no nostalgia. Just aggravation most days. We were so young I was 19 and he was 22. We have nothing in common now. We barely see eye to eye on raising the kids.
Now let me say this first before I start picking on him.
He is a good Father. I even have a name for him "ManBoy" because he is a man but a boy too. (Texting with a devilish grin)
(Hmm is my client dry yet?) I normally would be too busy to blog at work but with all the rain. Its been pretty slow. :(

Well she is dry and heading my way. So I've introduced you to "ManBoy" and he will have his own label. I also think I want to have a label called "Ex-Files dedicated to the ex's so I can discuss life after ManBoy. Especially my most recent one. Boy did he sell some wolf tickets.

Stay tuned friends its really about to get interesting. Gotta run. Off to make the Hair Gods happy.

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Anonymous said...

very interesting, can't wait 4 more...

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