Monday, March 16, 2009

I love free networking sites

Okay I just not too long ago updated my Facebook page and now I'm so hooked! Its crack! Between that and YouTube I have become an internet stalker. I check on my favorite artist and their status several times daily. I check my inbox to see what new friends I have.

On a different note I'm on my way to my storage bin to get my old art to re-photograph for my etsy site. Then I have to...well you know actually photograph it. Then get dinner started. Prep a canvas for my live painting I'm doing on Sunday. Its going to be interesting for sure.

Random thought; Church was really good Sunday.

Random thought#2 I need to put a facebook, myspace and Iseecolor button on my website. Maybe better right here on side bar of this page.

Random thought#3 fried chicken
(See blog below)

Random thought#4 Oshae, birthday, cake, present.

Okay I'm back, my brain took a little detour for a second. Anywayz my clients hair isn't dry yet! I'm ret to go!

Oh yeah yesterday after such a good church service I've deleted several numbers of people who serve no positive purpose in my life out of my BB. All traces of them are deleted. They were blocking the blessings God has for me. So now my path is clear!!!

Random blurt...
Hey Mom if your reading can you design me an Artist business card?

Okay I have to make a mad dash to several places on the way to home so see ya lata alligata...

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Anonymous said...

random thought if u p-a-y me sure...

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