Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I miss you guys!

I must say that I have been very distracted with stuff going on everywhere. I realized I haven't post nor have I read the post of the bloggers I follow.

The world we live in is totally insane! The news is very informative but way too depressing! I mean my God between all the murder, mayhem, and foolishness on top of the crumbling economy...just shoot me.

Now on a lighter less sobering topic...I need a personal life guru. Kind of like a hmmmmm talking, nagging , stay on your back, human agenda book. Who also reminds you to get up early, eat right, exercises, be on time, and complete all task outlined for the day in a timely matter.

Yeah that's right people I want to be Martha Stewart....not just in a crafty multi-talented kinda way but she seems pretty well organized. I just want to complete the things that I want and don't want to do in a timely fashion. That way I don't constantly find myself rushing frantically about wishing I could start my day over.

I mean surely if I get this thing called time management together that will probably unlock so many doors to my destine to be rich life that I have somewhere in a parallel universe.

Sighhhhhhhh huhhhhhhhh as I sit here staring at the still hundreds of things that I need to decide on whether they go in storage or the castle.

Okay I know you all have been wondering how my "Dating Life" has been going....

Fantabulous, Amazing, I'm Glowing!!!!!

Yes people I gots my groove, mojo, swagger whatever its called these days back!
The emails and instant messaging and quick lunch rendezvous or even dinner, have been awesome to say the least. If anyone didn't know before they need to know now that gentlemen callers that wine you, dine you, and all while flattering you is just what the good doc ordered.
My head Diva consultant likes to call it the three F's food, fun, and flattery.

Oh yeah an update my alter ego Violet is now known as Ultra Violet! Beyonce' ain't the only one with one. I am having a ball but even this needs some better time management.

Oh yeah did I mention I'm still packing....YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!

Darn it! I'm watching late night talk shows you know after the news... and I'll be darned I can't remember my train of thought! That damn Letterman... actually I'm watching the guy that comes on after him and laughing out loud but I can never remember his name.

Oh well I'll just conclude this post for now but before I go....The winners of my blog comments are: Anonymous1&2 and Rhiangel tis the season to be giving so Happy Holidays! Email me your info.

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