Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sneak Peek

Hey guys so sorry I forgot to do Music Monday. I will make several post and have them automate to post from now on. Its nearing the time for my art show so I have been trying to keep my focus on that. Since I'm almost certain you guys that read aren't local I don't feel bad knowing you have seen a lot of my collection for this show, however I have a few more and I can only show you sneak peeks. I like to keep some element of surprise. Just in case. Photos still aren't hardly the same as seeing in person. 
I know from whenever I goto a show of an artist I love and follow. They do sneak peaks on twitter or their blog and I assure you I am always speechless in person. I would love to own a lot more originals of some of my favorite artist. Eventually I will be back in the position to do just that. My walls will be so interesting.

Anyway it's just a peek but you can see they are definitely are coming along nicely.

I am loving the surface of wood I think  or better yet know I will be working on more wood in the future.
I draw daily I carry around several small journals here and there just so I can draw. I see so much growth in my work. Even from one piece to the very next. My work is even evolving. When I first started out my focus was to mimic others that did work that sold a lot. I think finding inspiration from other artist is good but its still very important to draw inspiration from other places as well. Its the key to finding what satisfies your heart while creating. Not what you would like as the consumer necessarily. 
Don't get me wrong I paint what I too would buy. But I also paint what comes from my heart and soul. The things I dream off. The beauty that captures my eye.

Whenever I paint or draw I have to have music playing so I can stay in this dream like state. So much of my reality is weighted down by stress the music keeps me in an intense creative zone. Even sad music which at many times has made me cry still keeps me in that creative trance.

What inspires you too create? What keeps you in the mood to do what you do?

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