Thursday, August 9, 2012

New art stuff

Hello art lovers! Like I have said before I am full off ideas!. I have been a busy little bee. 

First there is the morphed women that are half animal half woman that I have been working on and plan to do more of because I'm hoping to perhaps do a book or something. However for now they will be available as prints in two sizes in my Bigcartel Store. I did a last minute painting as a birthday gift for my cousin. Then there was the Forbidden Fruit commission I completed for a fan. Prints of her are also up in my store.

Ms. Ligerness

Ms. Steeraffe'

Ms. Zeborse'                                                 
20x32 inch framed diptych acrylic on canvas
Birthday Commission for my cousin it was a surprise and boy oh boy was her reaction awesome.
All done were on vellum paper with a pilot pen and Prisma color pencils.  I plan to do more in between other projects I have planned.

Forbidden Fruit
11x14 oil on canvas

Okay guys I'm off and running there is a whole world out there I'm off to explore. As much as I don't like bugs in my creative space or my home period I have a odd fascination with them. Along with nature in general. I checked out some cool books on bugs, trees and mushrooms etc. etc. Hoping to incorporate them in my work some how.

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