Sunday, October 18, 2009


Last Friday I joined the twitter hash tag called #FridayNightArtDorks and artist any and everywhere on twitter stay home and have an all night painting session. There are so many super talented folks out there. The vast majority are surreal artist. Which inspires me to do more surreal artwork lol.....
Here is my take on surrealism it has been hmmmm interesting to say the least

Obviously a work in progress...

It's not exactly my normal whimsy dreamy surreal but I do have a dark side that I am very much in touch with. And hopefully with plenty of practice and time I will master bringing forth the weird twisted images in my head but still in keeping with a light whimsicalness to them as well.
I guess I want to be able to combine them both. However I have to keep drawing because my perspective is a bitch. I'll have one leg looking shorter than the other or something crazy like that.

Okay thats my spill for today and I need to get off here because my PC keeps shutting down on me eeeesh! I wish my new one would hurry up and come! See ya later.

Oh yeah if you have any tips on drawing people pleaese by all means let me know.

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