Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Coming out of the fog

I have been wanting to blog for awhile but my mind has been either in a fog or on this crazy roller coaster ride. I have my new laptop yet I'm not overly thrilled. One thing is I have to get used to Windows 7 new movie maker format and everything else. Which in most cases would be fun but not when your moods swing every way the wind blows. I just am not feeling the complicated things right now.
The crazy thing is God has been showing all around me that I need to get over myself. I had a childhood friend tell her 6 year old is getting chemo for lymphoma. Then my coworker gets a phone call that her brother in law and his wife were killed in a car crash and their two week old newborn was in the car but is now an orphan.
Its stuff like this that makes me wonder why the hell am I not grabbing life by the bullhorns and living out my dreams. I mean what is the worst that can happen? Hmmm could I actually end up happy and successful????

I hate these mood swings I hate the fogginess. I can't seem to escape myself I am my worst enemy.

On an art note I am still trying to find my art voice. I think I have a style almost identifiable but there are so many styles of art I like to paint but how do I incorporate my signature into all of them. We all know I like to paint branchy trees. But lately surreal and dark art has been an interest of mine. Maybe its the Halloween in the air. Or my moodiness. Who knows...

Anyway I did complete my three headed monster I named him "Pervert"
I know its so ..... perverse but trust me folks its all in the name of art.

I am also working on my series with the circles or bubbles I showed you the earthy white and black one now I am almost done with this one.

I have this one too That I have completed.

I want to do two more and then it will be complete.
My goal is to do three series of five or more paintings so I can have a collection with some cohesion. Then I can have a showing at some point.
So many ideas and so little time and funds.

1 comment:

Crissi Harvey said...

you sound how i feel at the moment, love the pervert very cool and the circle paintings they are gonna look so fab as a collection,

crissi xx

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