Thursday, October 29, 2009

What's her name?

I spent all night working on paintings and the ever so fun editing and uploading time lapse painting video. I had fun though. Of course the fun ends when you've stayed up all night 3:48am to be exact and you have to wake up 6:40am and walk your daughter to the door to make sure she gets to her bus stop safely. Its still dark so she is afraid.I'm feeling my new PC with windows 7 its just a few minor details that I had to work out. Like finding a download for movie maker, and I'm still looking for a windows7 download driver for my printer. The funny thing is I have been so used to deleting large files and closing windows before opening new ones and making sure I back up my files every five seconds. This new PC with windows7 is nice. I still want a MAC but for now I'm happy.

I am putting on hold my circle paintings until I can buy some more canvases. For now I've gone back to my signature tree paintings I'm doing on 18x24 canvas. The first one is of course one that represents Autumn with beautiful leaves falling from the tree. Below is a quick mobile pic of my progress with this piece. Keep in mind my cell phone doesn't take the best pictures. My camera battery is on the charger.

I also added my video of "her" she doesn't have a name yet can you guys help me please...

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