Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Take Me On A Magic Carpet Ride

I have been away and not blogging much but to be honest I just have been enjoying the creating and not much else. Its weird because sometimes I will have moments where I have all this wild and crazy need to blog but if I don't get to right away it will leave me as fast as it came. I am the same way with my YouTube channel as well. When the moment hits me its like BAM! Video after video but then the moment leaves me.
I have been getting all ready for the Expression live event but then we had an earthquake. That was crazy because the west coast doesn't get stuff like that. Then later that week hurricane Irene came through. Needless to say the event was postponed until October. So now I am full of product and no vending event. 
Once again I have been having a good old time creating backgrounds and then allowing the images where I see the face or faces speak to me. And I tell ya I really think I enjoy this process, not to say I am abandoning the plan and meticulous work. This will just be something I will be keeping as well. So here she is...

Alrighty folks I'm out of here so Happy creating.

1 comment:

~Rasz~ said...

You have a YouTube channel! I can't wait to check out your videos! Glad you survived the crazy Mother Nature stuff and kept on creating!

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