Friday, July 24, 2009

One day when I was walking...

One day when I was walking...

Me and my mom have decided that at least three days out of the week we would wake up at 6am and go walking. I drive over to her neighborhood which is filled with beautiful homes with manicured lawns in a wooded golf course community. Yeah folks it is quite lovely. Not to mention my drive is all of about 8 minutes by car.

Now as we walk we are chatting and looking around at the beauty we see around us. There are always deer trolloping about. It's also nice to see the community up close and personal instead of at my usual quick glance zooming by in my car. The houses are even bigger from my view walking down the side of the road.

Now this particular day we walked in a different direction. Actually we have gone this way before, but the hills damn near killed me the last time so I didn't quite pay to much attention to anything except how bad it was kicking my butt. However on this day I was feeling pretty good and soaking in all the beauty that was surrounding us. At the end of this culdesac we noticed how this tree was peeling paper like bark. Its was something I don't ever recall seeing before. I went over to it and peeled a piece off. I got a piece for my mom too.

On our way back we examined the thin paper like bark and looked around for other trees like it , but we didn't see any. Then, us being the creative thinkers that we are were wondering what we could with our new found treasure.

We got back to the house and googled our peely paper like bark tree. Well shame on us I suppose.... It never even dawned on us that it was a Birch tree. I had never seen one peel like that before. We searched all the google images. We even found websites that sell the paper thin bark in quantities. I even looked on Etsy for other artistsians who may have used it in various craft or art projects.

I'm pretty sure I'm not inventing any new wheels here. However I couldn't stop thinking of all the cool things I could create with more of this stuff. So as one would have it, I grabbed my moms camera, my keys and ran outside and jumped in my ride. Yes I said ride. I wasn't about to walk down that hill again! So anyway... not trying to look weird I put the camera strap around my neck so it would be obvious I was taking pictures of nature. LOL I got a couple shots of the hidden pond and a nice garden, but the real star was the birch bark. I even peeled some more off and took it home with me.

Now I open to some suggestions as to what type of art I could make of this. Even some pics for inspiration.

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