Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Dear Etsy-

I have no sells in my shop. I've done all the things they say to do. Forums, chat rooms, twitter facebook, myspace, youtube, and other networking sites.

I still paint every day even though I don't sell. I think of new ideas and learn new ways.
I love painting. I wish I had a real studio so I can do some large pieces.

Is my art not appealing? People heart me in their favorites but still no sells.
I've marked down my prices extremely low, yet still no sells.
I even created a clearance section, no sells.

Some peoples goal is to sell their first 100...
My goal is to sell my first.

Your paintings are totally awesome as I've told you before.
I like trees and colorful backgrounds too.
You inspire me.

Quick question how in the world do you paint and post so fast?

It's fun painting but I have a boat load of stuff I need to varnish, photograph, and post.
I've seen you do it back to back in minutes.

Another question did you have a following before Etsy? Do people buy originals online? Or are the ones you've sold commissions?

I just want to sell so I don't feel like its just a hobby....
Dear Artist

I know we do it because we love to but damn it I love to eat and spend less time behind the chair at work. I love spending time in the studio but I need to at least make what I spend on supplies back.

So yes I want to pimp my art.

Dear Salon Life

You have been a good life to me and I thank you for that. You have afforded me many nice handbags and trips to many places.

You allowed for me to connect with women and make great friendships.

You allowed me to afford a house and a very nice car. 

You are an art form in and of yourself. Thank You.  I'm just ready for a different chapter in my life. Its not you its me. 

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