Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm on Gary Reef's front page today!!!!

This is monumental for me as a new up and coming artist. I feel so warm inside. Check it out 
Gary Reef scrolled down to artist interview! I blog on his page too but there I try to keep it art specific. Here I can air a few of my dirty undies. At least in the past that's what I've done. hehehe

I've finally posted some you tube footage even with out knowing how to do time lapse or having the editing software to do so.

I'll get to all that later.

I've been on vacation sort of speak and yesterday was my first full day back at the salon. It wasn't so bad except I woke up with an awful sinus headache and then when that went away I got half through my client when the bubbly guts started to happen. Yikes that is not where you want to be when it happens.

I had to give away one client because I was in the bathroom so long and she had some where to be. That hurt worse than the griping my stomach was doing. $90.00 plus a possible tip. "Ouch"
Not to mention I had been off all the week before. So monies is funny till payday.

Now as for today I'm on my way in and I'm putting out in the universe that it will be productive and lucrative. AND NO AILMENTS WHAT SO EVER!!!!
Do you here me universe!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

cute cartoon i feel your pain...

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