Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Everyday I look forward to emails from mixed media art. Heck any email makes me happy if its about art or friendship.

So I have been working on my 30 day art challenge. Sighhh I must say its fun but it isn't easy!

I must have adult ADD I'm all over the place with my ideas. There is no rhyme or reason, no method except madness.

I mean can I do more than one, because THATS EXACTLY HOW EXCITED I AM!!!!

I am so head over heels in love with ART. Can I marry Art because I sure do feel like its my lover!!!!

When I'm at work or doing the other million things I'd rather not do. (exercises, feed the kids, go to work, run errands except to the post office to deliver some art) I am thinking of new ways to create.

I've even done my first live painting. Yep on stage in front of an audience that was so surreal. I'm so used to painting alone in my studio.

I just wish my kids took a little interest in some form of art. The playstation and wii have ruined them. I know I know Its my fault I don't make them do more. Besides honestly it keeps them out of my way. (bad parenting Antwanyce!) shhh who said I was perfect.
It isn't like I don't try... I drag them with me to the art store and give them money to pick out something but they rather keep the money.

My ex-hubs is always saying you weren't interested in art when you were there age either. He says its just not their season yet.

If you knew my ex-hubs you would have been surprised that those words of wisdom came out of his mouth. My mom says the same thing too. Touche'

Anyway these were just some random thoughts that I thought I'd share with my fellow Art Heads.

Please tell me I'm not the only one crazy and zanny walking around in a state of artful bliss.

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