Sunday, May 3, 2009

I have been in this weird place...

My last post was a shout out to all my favorite talented artist. I did so because I had been wanting to do one for a while. But I have also been just blog lazy.
Okay maybe not exactly lazy but wanting to leave all the bloggy shenanigans for those that are way better at it than me. 

Don't get me all wrong here.... I want to talk about the silly things that happen in my day to day life and everyone else's day to day life. Sighhhhhh its just I don't have anything on the brains these days but positive zen stuff. Hmmmm lets see I'm currently working on growing my relationship with GOD. Spending time with my quickly growing children. I love my art and artist in the art community. And I'm trying to lose weight.  

All I think of is art and more art. I spend all my free time making art and studying the art of others via blogs, twitter, etsy, youtube, facebook, and search engines. When I'm not following artist I'm on the world wide web trying to become known my darn self.

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