Thursday, May 14, 2009

Weird Day

Last night I was tired and today I had no morning hair appointments so I slept in.

(Just now noticing how yucky my blackberry is... Its like germ ville eww)

I need a touch screen these little buttons are a breeding ground for all kinds of sticky yucky bacteria.

So anyway...what was I saying?
Oh yeah I slept in but yet I'm still kinda sleepy.

I did manage to get some painting done and I also learned a lot of new stuff.

I took the long round about way to work because I wanted to see some scenery.

I still haven't actually went in the salon yet though. I'm sitting out front in my car.

Its a weird day because I'm not sure how I feel. I am neither happy or sad. I guess I just blahhhhh.

The queen scratched the surface of my annoyance today but I got over it pretty quickly.

I'm pretty sure I annoy her but I really just try to stay to myself in my underground loft.

I have a you tube channel now.

I want to take the kids somewhere when school let's out.

They are both keeping sktech journals now. We will see how long this keeps up.

30 Day challenge is not that easy. Some nights I get off and I am sleepy.

Let me go in the salon I'm just rambling on.

Oh wait...I forgot.

Nevermind I'll save it for the next post.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hmmm I wonder why the Queen got on your nerves $$$....

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