Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Too tired to paint

It could be that I had a long day at the salon and I'm extremely sleepy. I want to work on my 30 day challenge but I'm pooped. Not to mention I'm just a little bit frustrated with my zero of sales on Etsy. I know alot of it has to do with my impatience. I do suffer from I.G.S. Instant Gratification Syndrome I want it all now. I am thankful for the business that I have at the salon for it allows me to afford my lifestyle. I wouldn't even mind doing it a few days (1or 2) if my art could allow me to maintain or even improve on my lifestyle. I don't wanna sound so crappy. I'm usually enthused. I guess I'm just sleepy it was a long 12 hour day at work. I'm grateful....all my bills are paid and even though I accumulate more art than I sell at least I can buy my supplies and sit in my basement and enjoy my hobby as my family likes to call it. Hair is what I do, Art is who I am. I'm encouraged just sleepy so nite nite. The good thing is the weekend is coming soon.

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