Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fall kick off!

Hey guys so far so good! We are off to a good start for the fall season. Fenton Street Market in Downtown Silver Spring, Maryland was a success! Both new collector and existing collectors came through. Surprisingly all original artwork aside from coloring books sold that day!
My BFF Josh is normally my market buddy but he had to work. So my sister came through and did it like a market veteran pro! The funny thing is this was her first market. 

Sales were really steady throughout the entire day and I looked at my total for the day and said hmmm Lord may I please sell one more original before we go and boom! He did it!
Wanderer of The Wilderness 
Such a beautiful painting and to think I almost left her home because of her delicate frame. 
So like I said before the fall season is off to a good start. Up next is an event in D.C.called Art All Night in Congress Heights. 
Also there were still quite a few art boxes that did not sell at the market.  They are now listed in my shop https://goo.gl/85c9Hn

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