Friday, April 10, 2009

I am loving my spring break!!!

Okay so my kids have been away during their spring break and I thought I'd be bored.
Instead I've been having a ball!!!!

I haven't seen my bed in two days. I have been hanging out and living like a single lady!

Between dates and girlfriends I am feeling a bit like a social lite. Too bad is nearing the end. Saturday morning up and at the Salon by 5:00am. Not to mention its Easter weekend so they're will be plenty of last minute walk ins with their tangle mangled little girls in tow. Pleading for a last minute shampoo and curls.

Oh well its better than not having any clients at all. So off to make the people beautiful.

And yes I have been working on some paintings as well. After all its in my blood its who I am.

But Saturday night Adams Morgan here I come! Hmmm or maybe I'll drag a date to see the Haunting of Connecticut. Then is also Chuck Brown at Marigolds. My options are endless!

Then church on Sunday!
Whaaaaaatttt?! Don't act like you've never done that!

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