Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Okay so who says every week will be easy!!!

Alrighty folks last blog I posted my REAL weight for the whole world to see. Yep that includes men I could possibly end up dating. This is as transparent and real as it gets. No wait.... let me take that back my new found blogger friend Lilu totally takes the cake.

Okay so anyway I went to my WW meeting and I'm down drum roll please*******************
2.8lbs. I technically I lost almost 12 sticks of butter!!!!! To be exact 11 sticks and 7tbsp of butter. 
I promised I'd plaster a Big Girl pic for you guys. So here it is me and all my goodness.
                                                                              I think if you double click on it, it will get a bit larger so you can really have a looksy at all my delicious chocolate goodness. So yep there  you  have it, still fabulous 2.8 which means I'm down 254.4

Moving on....
Today I'm officially meeting a gentleman I met online. I can't wait to tell you guys all about it. The crazy thing is I've been so wrapped up in becoming an artist that I almost forgot that I'm single and want to date. Honestly dating is fun for some people but I actually find it to be work.

My friends would gasp if they knew how lazy I am when it comes to going out to meet people. I have gotten more so now that all I do is think about ways to create art. 
Wait actually I take back what I said about dating being no fun. (but yes it is work) It's not so much that it isn't fun it's just hmmmmm let me see here. It's oh crap its work!!!

Picking out clothes and shoes and and ughhhh oh shoot forget it I just like staying down here painting and chatting with my internet friends. lol. Heck I don't know. Not to mention the fact that I am so filled with all this stuff in my head to talk about but I have to allow them to be engaging. Which means I have to show restrain and not be a chatter box. 

After all it isn't always about me although in my head I'd like to think it is.
 See there I am again showing you me. Why because that's who this blog is about me. (laughing at my own madness)

Seriously folks I have nothing else to say so now I'm just boring the hell out you. Oh no wait I have some art I finished in the weee hours of the morning. Inspiration comes from many places.

Tuhh duhh!!

The first one is done as a tribute to or inspiration from MADART she is the bomb!!! I Love love love her. Not in a creepy way just admiration and awww type of way.  The first two are also done on ceramic tile. The last is 9 small gallery wrapped canvases put together to make on big picture or 9 small ones.

Buhbye for now.......peace and blessings.


LiLu said...

Congratulations, pretty lady!!! That is AWESOME!

You rock :-)

Kiwi Arts said...

Congrats girl!!! Keep up the good work, painting and WW! I love your work! :-)

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