Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I've gained......

I didn't do well this week... between the busy days last week at the salon and the yummy food on Easter I totally bombed at the scale this week. I have to accept that I really have issues and need intervention. I have so much creativity inside that I'm bursting at the seems. But I have absolutely no energy and I'm somewhat lethargic. I can't focus and I'm tired. So seriously this can not happen again. I put on 3.8lbs in one week. OMG! Bringing my lunch would've been so much better than eating take out at work all week. I must learn to plan better. I think this week I'm going to get a weight watchers magazine and do my shopping based on the recipes, that way I can eat better this week. I also know that as much as I love to sketch when its slow at the salon...I must put down the sketch book and go walking around the Town Center. Moving more definitely helps.

Anyway.. moving on. MADART has blogged about how she is addicted to twitter. Well I'm already addicted to Myspace, Facebook, Ning, YouTube all while reading all my favorite blogs on Blogspot and other blog places. I'm scared to add Twitter to my reportaire for fear that I'll never leave my room or that my Blackberry will go on strike. Yet more and more of the Artist I love are showing up on Twitter. 

Hmmm lets see what else...Oh yeah HOW MANY TOADS AM I GOING TO HAVE TO KISS BEFORE MY PRINCE COMES ALONG!? I'm so sick of meeting imposter's! As much as I like being a child at heart I have put foolish games and trickery away. So when I meet men who still play games I'm so turned off. Like I've mention before I'd rather paint and stay home or hang out in the city with some Artist friends at a Gallery than go on a date half the time anyway. So buffoonery is not company I'm into entertaining.

Its 2:00 am here in the DMV and this is what I've been doing.

It's two acrylic 16x20 stretched canvas. I think I'll be offering prints of it in my etsy shop.
Right now I'm sketching in between my visits back and forth to my mini laptop. I know I need to goto bed but I'm having so much fun. 

I love it down here in my underground loft area. I even wrote on my mirror

I am a child of God! I am an Artist! I am Sexy! I am Healthy! I am Wealthy!
I need to clean my dresser off (I love my dresser)

Me and kids chillaxin' watching TV. 

Okay okay I'm going to bed now. 

P.S. I think my contentment has caused me to become somewhat of a boring blogger. Sighhhhhh

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Muppet Soul said...

Love - LOVE that tree-painting. LOVE.

I lived in Laurel for a couple of months... FOr some reason, where I was it was hard finding a place to walk.

You sound EXACTLY like me ( a bit lethargic and bad at meal-planning, hello, that's me). I grocery shop once a week, so I started going through my recipe books and writing down what meals to do each night/what to buy.. That works pretty well when I stick with it.

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