Saturday, April 4, 2009

254.2lbs of good lovin.....not!!!!

Okay people-
All of my family and now I'm pretty sure the world, knows that I'm not shy. I blog and put 90% of my business out there for the world to read and some may even pass judgement. So I figured why not allow everyone to travel on my I'm so physically tired of being a big girl journey.

"What huh... RichAnt what are you talking about your beautiful" Yes yes I know that's what you guys are thinking and yes it is true but face it its not good. There are too many reasons to get this extra poundage off my behind.
1. There is a certain way I like to dress and it just doesn't go with my body type.
2. I feel awful and out of shape, out of breath, out of energy and out of clothing.
3. I'm scared to die from heart disease
4. I don't want to take pharmaceuticals ever if I can help it.
5. I remember when all guys liked me not just the ones into full figured women.(chubby chasers)
6. Last but not least I like high heels but carrying the extra weight and walking in three or four inch heels is murder. ( besides I'm only 5ft 6 1/2 in so its either heels/ murder  or lose weight to look smaller)

So I started back up on weight watchers two weeks ago. As I mentioned in Wednesdays blog I lost almost 4lbs actually 3.8 to be exact. Now if you noticed in my side bar >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
I have a current pic of myself on my Facebook page. ( add me to your friend list) That's me now and when I weigh in this coming Tuesday I plan to be down some more pounds. 


Accountability people!!! Its my motivation. I'm putting it out front of the whole world.!!!!

I will be posting pics of myself in some yoga pants and a very small baby tee (laughing extremely hard at myself) I know those women on the biggest loser wear sports bras and bike shorts but (as Whitney would say) OH HELL TO THE NAW!! That's where you have me all twisted I'm not going that hard.

Okay so last Tuesday March 24th I weigh in and was down 3.8. The next weigh in is Tuesday April 7th. Oh and I have to get someone to photograph me between now and then. So we can all be on my journey together. 

Weight Watchers is a points system, somewhat like you would do calories I suppose. For my weight and height I have 33 points. Those points drop each ten pounds I lose. I get 35 bonus points. I can either use them as needed, stretch them out over 7 days, save them for the weekend, or not use them at all. But I must eat my daily points value of 33.

Basically you can eat whatever you like as long as you don't go over your points. Although weight watchers gives you tools and oodles of info on how to make better food choices that are nutritional and filling. They help you to properly learn portion control.

Some examples of how the points system works: 
4oz grilled chicken salad w/ raspberry vinaigrette totaled 10pts
(grilled chicken 4oz 3pts, tomatoes 0pts, red onions 0pts, spinach 0pts, romaine lettuce 0pts, 1 boiled egg 2pts, raspberry vinaigrette 4tbsp 4pts, 1/2 cup of mandarin oranges 1pts)
Water zero pts

small fried drumstick 4pts
side salad w/2oz of honey Dijon dressing 0pts
7oz baked potato w/ 2tbsp of butter 5pts
water zero pts

That's what I've eaten today thus far totaling  19pts with 14 left. (Not to mention I always have 35 bonus points and you get activity points for exercising. Although who's counting those lol.)

Now as you can see from the title I weigh 254.2. I want to lose a total of sighhhhhh  79.2lbs!!!!

Well boys and girls that's all for now!!!! TTFN

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