Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Everyday is the day...

Everyday is the day that I'm going to quit the hair business.  I believe there is a great amount of commitment and planning involved in walking away from one business to the next. Especially since I have children. Actually that's the only reason. So I try to press on. 

I did get my printer hooked up and now it just needs ink so I'm more than half way there. I set my studio nook up to operate more efficiently as well. Oh and most important of them all I have music!!!!! From my PC or my Ipod or my bookshelf stereo (which I'm sure has become obsolete but the speakers sound so nice) It's working for me for now I actually like the space I've created down here. It works for now. I'll upload some pics once I finish tiding things up a bit.

Well boys and girls I'll be attending my annual women's retreat although in the last 24hours I've debated whether or not to stop payment on the check or not. I'm pretty sure I can get a refund from the church if I really decided not to go. Its just that it has always been good for my soul. Now if only I can just stay there. I remember when I first started going back to church and how I wanted to dive right into everything the church had to offer. Now just like everything else in my life I get lazy and burnt out. 
I tend to allow circumstances to determine my attitude. I used to get on my ex Eeyore about that but I just realize I do the very same thing except just different.

Well on a lighter note... 
(not to say these other topics are dark just changing topics)
I went to Weight Watchers yesterday and to my surprise I lost 3.8 pounds!!!! You can just imagine the excitement and confusion I felt at the same time. I mean last week I ate cake almost everyday and over the weekend I didn't even write in my food journal. Maybe I moved more although I can't remember doing so.

Anyways I'm grateful and motivated enough that I've decided that if I can lose almost 4pds without a serious effort than I can probably lose 6 this week with some effort. Oh yeah and now that I have tunes I've been sketching too some very inspiring music. (at least for me it is)

Check it out in your spare time it may inspire you to do whatever it is you do...

Craig Armstrong "This Love"
and anything else this man has composed he is pure genius.

Christopher Cross oldie but goodie "Sailing"

Linkin Park "In the End" & "Shadow of The Day" well heck anything Linkin Park

I'm just naming three for now but I will put together my favs list. I must say I love all types of music that's one of the many appreciations I have for having Artist for parents. I grew up in a home where music was a part of everyday living. TV was just for prime time family shows or movie night from Blockbuster. Saturday mornings were for cartoons, The Style network was an hour on CNN (I think), and all my neighbors knew each other and I played hard all day outside until the street lights came on. When we were thirsty we drank from the water hose on the side of the house because we didn't want to go in for fear of Mommy telling you to stay in. 
My Mom always talked about how cool her childhood was but now I find myself doing the same thing with my own children. 
I truly feel as though this next generation has the unfortunate lost of innocence. Between the over exposure of the media by way of TV, Internet, mobile connections and whatever else you can get hands on. I mean its just as crazy as me being able to sit here and blog about whats on my mind for the whole world to see. But whats even more crazy is the people who actually care enough to read. The same way I tune in to all my favorite bloggers out there.
I mean if you really think about it.... back in the day people just minded their business. There weren't gossip websites and the only tabloid I remember was People and The Enquire which at one point no one took them that serious. I mean don't get me wrong... I think having these advancements in technology have had tremendous positive affects on the world. Its just with the good there is bad as well. 
The same way it all can help me reach an audience I may have never had the chance before. I love journaling online about my life as a up and coming Artist. I love posting on YouTube and Facebook and Etsy and on on and on. 
However since we don't just have a world full of good people with good intentions... we also have the predators, scammers, online gamblers, porn porn and more porn( any kind you like), bestiality, gossipers, dumb teens posting fights, dumb teens just posting, slanderers, dead people and all the gorey details, basically whateva your pleasure the www has it.

Its crazy when you really really think about it. Its like a blessing and a curse at the same time. An oxy moron if you will. Freedom of speech is a mutha.

So now I find myself warning my kids about the dangers that lurk out in there in computer world that can lead right to your front door. Yet I'm plastered all over the place trying to become a well known Artist, go figure... (oxy moron) 
Then I tell them how to never post anything that will haunt you later ie. nude pics, explicit language on their myspace page, and personal information. I tell them I'm not interested in running for any political office and as a Visual Artist I can have opinions that change which ever way the wind blows. I'll just be labeled complex or moody. 

By the way there are no nude pics of me or explicit use of language on my myspace page. I do draw the line there.

Anyway I do love what is good and hate what is bad. Although at times my flesh can't seem to tell the difference. I try to raise my kids with a since of awareness and yet try to allow them the innocence they are entitled too. I want them to know how ugly the world is yet still show them the beauty also. 
How do I teach them to love life even in the face of some of the most horrible circumstances...when some days I struggle to do it myself???

RichAnt the Artist


Anonymous said...

Wow that was an excellent blog post, full of incite, memories, and more very nice post....indeed

Mom2Four said...

There is no more innocence with our children!!! Someone help ME!!! My 9 year old just asked me for "the talk"! I just thank GOD it was only about her period!

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