Friday, April 16, 2010

Creative goodness

The creative juices are just flowing. I hope it pays off. But while it was slow at work I was pleasantly distracted with my doodling which actually was more calculated than a doodle but I did get the inspiration from old doodles I had drawn previously.

You know I have a thing for making works of art out of small mediums. Well awhile back I bought some illustration board and had the intention of cutting it. At first I had 5x7 or 4x6 in mind but I decided on 5x5 instead. Some came out a little off. Next time I'll measure my lines with a doohicky that has the water bubble in it since my brain went blank with the proper name. Anywoo this is what I drew on them and more will follow.

Aren't they lovely! I did them sitting right at the front desk at the salon while answering the phones. I was hoping to get all the new clients that called in. LOL.
Now as for the canvas I drew on and blogged about previously I got those all finished up and ready as well.
The commissioned cartoon portrait is now completed and will be picked up today.

Any of you want one please feel free to contact me or comment down below. 

Also finished Dalilah DaeDreamer and she is available for sale at just click on her to be linked to the online store.

She is even more beautiful in person I think I'm going to take her outside and give her a photo shoot. Lol
Well I'm off to work to make the ladies and gents beautiful one hair-do at a time.

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