Monday, November 3, 2008

The 40th birthday to-do list

I read one of the other blogs that talked about November being national blog month so we are encouraged to post every day for the entire month. I think its a wonderful idea except I don't have anything to blog about daily. You see for me a daily blog requires either excellent writing skills or else your just posting a online diary. Which for some people isn't a bad thing but for me I want to talk about things that would keep peoples attention and keep them coming back for more.

Blogging is not as easy as it seems. I really want to take sometime to sit down and thoroughly learn the art of blogging because it can generate a very handsome income. Which in these times I can definitely use. I have also been inspired by another fellow bloggian to post a list of things I'd like to do before turning 40. That gives me a realistic 5 year time line to accomplish major things in yearly increments. Some things on my list aren't meant for all to see so they are coded for me know only. Nor is this list in any specific order.

The RichAnt's 40 things upon being 40 and Fabulous List...


2. Become addicted to saving and then investing

3. Get my degree in The Fine Arts

4. Sell my art in two major city art galleries

5. Establish home ownership in D.C.

6. Acquire a building for my businesses

7. Open them

8. Own two homes one cottage in a small town and one large row home in the city

9. Own land in the islands

10. Travel to abroad

11. Acquire a small apartment in Europe

12. Sell a painting for $25,000

13. Continue to sell art

14. To become well respected in the Art community

15. Learn to play and instrument

16. Write a book

17. Teach my children the business

18. Master the power of duplication.



21. LW

22. GMTF

23. Tummy tuck

24. Be ready to retire by 45

25. Help my Mommy with her dreams

26. Become a vegetarian

27. Reduce my Eco footprint

28. Sky Dive

29. Sharpen my gun skills

30. Run for a cause marathon

31. Show my children the world

32. Volunteer for the homeless

33. Volunteer for battered women

34. Start a mentor program

35. Do a missions with my church

36. Bring my family (Mom, Uncle, Ex-Husband) to Church

37. AHC

38. Completely 100% Organic

39. Make money from my blog

40. Have a Birthday dinner outside with my family and friends (see last thing on wish list)

Maybe this will encourage you all to establish some sort of to-do list before you turn whatever. It doesn't have to be as long or even 5 years. But do it, print it, post it, and read it daily. Even go in and set a small outline for how you are going to achieve each goal.
Oh yeah and remember even though money is tight for all of us, try to find ways through out your day to say THANK YOU! and pay it forward by passing a blessing along to someone else. Look people in the eyes and smile and say good morning or whatever time of day it is. Let people over while driving, hold the door open, give someone a compliment, treat someone to a soda, and do it just because not expecting anything in return. IT IS GOOD FOR YOUR SOUL!

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Writings of Ptolemy said...

Love your list. I turn 40 last year and the only thing on my last was to get married. I am still working on the list.....Love your List....I am scedhuled for a tummy tuck.June of 09......

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