Sunday, March 27, 2016

My heart is so full!

My cup is running over! I am so happy I'm finally seeing the manifestation of my dreams.
This book is catching fire! I have so many orders to fill and once the first print run comes in I will have already ordered a second print run. Then there is the launch party and round table discussion I am planning to have. I'm in the process of looking for a few sponsors now.

This book and others like it will become the new book club brunch thing. Except it will be adults having fun with crayons and coffee! 
Guys I can not tell you how excited I am about whats taking place here. This reminds me of my first vending event where I completely sold out of all my art inventory I had accumulated over two years back in 2009. I walked away on that Saturday afternoon with $780 in cash and that was very early in my career as an artist. Now fast forward to 2016 the first day the pre-order link went live my PayPal notifications were jumping!

Friday I did a Periscope broadcast on BlackBizScope. They are a black owned community base initiative that showcases and supports black owned business. They have a huge audience and they use their platform to help other black businesses gain exposure through a #passthescope #blackbizfriday hour long segment through both am and pm 15 minute spotlights. 
Below is my 15 minutes of fame where I had over 300 people in my broadcast and over 2k in hearts. While I was scoping I was selling and continued to sell while the replay was up. It was such a surreal experience. Periscope turned 1 year old today and I must say it has definitely change my brand for the better. I think because it's live unedited unscripted and a up close intimate look into the soul of the person or people behind the product or brand. It allows people to connect with you on a more personal level. People tend to be more loyal, trusting, and supportive when they feel they can trust you. It's the reason why I will be scoping more often. 

I understand a lot of people won't understand or get it. However it's either change with the ever evolving times and they way people do social media to influence the masses or get left behind.

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