Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day14 of 30 Days With God

Gym life...

Today I ran on the treadmill I almost did 30 minutes non stop. I got so amped up while listening to Gymstones For Life  he is a Christian rapper that goes in. No where near corny like some I've heard. I mean even guys I know who love hard core rap are feeling this dude.

So after much thought and consideration I think I want to move to a larger suite in the Phenix Salon Suites.
I'm also booked for my first mobile paint and sip art party. I'm so excited!

I feel like it's all coming into focus. The distractions are like a bright sunny day. Everyone is busy being busy. But a storm will make you get somewhere, be still, be quite and listen.

There will be many storms in life. Some will even be tragic. It will seem like complete chaos in some cases. But we have to get quite and listen.

Psalm 46 tells us God is always there providing refuge, peace, security and ultimately victory.

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