Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Day 7 of 30 Days With God

Today was a good day. My client got more than what I expected her to get done and she paid cash and it didn't set me behind. Did I mention she paid cash?

Anyway today is day 5 of working out. I've been to my gym more times this week than I've been the whole 3 years I've had this membership. An hour of non stop cardio and dubstep or Christian rap.
I went to my small group womans meeting and was blessed. We went over our spiritual shape assessment test and gave feedback. But what truly blessed me was the message on Destiny by Dr Tony Evans.

Understanding that each one of us were uniquely designed for a purpose and that in God's eyes we are all one of his masterpieces. God was very intentional with each and every one of us. All the way down to our finger prints. He created every single person with specific functions for his kingdom. I mean how cool is that?! To be designed as a one of a kind.
It's like when you have a high end designer design a red carpet dress or suit that came out of the House of Dior or House of Chanel or House of Gucci. That's specifically designed just for you and no other celebrity will have it. These couture outfits cost thousands of dollars.

However God's designer masterpieces aren't just for show. They have a purpose and a destiny. One that can impact so many lives. I mean when you think about it.... WOW WHAT AN HONOR!

Can you imagine being 41 and finally starting to see myself the way God's see me. I let that sink in while I was driving home and I began to cry so deeply. I have been searching all this time for what He had already giving me at birth and it cost me nothing.

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